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We recommend – Adobe Flash CS3 books.

I would like to offer three books, which I think will be really good to have for professional developers, who wants to get the best results of using Adobe Flash CS3.

First book is about general tips and tricks a professional should be familiar with when using Adobe Flash CS3 for any task.

Second book sheds more detailed light on building a website technique. The role and capabilities of Flash CS3 Professional to make a modern styled website are fully described.

Third book, which I suggest to readers, is about the most popular Flash application for the present moment – online audio and video sharing. This book has a number of valued highlights and I also recommend it to everyone to have at hand when working in this media field with Adobe Flash CS3.

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Flash preloader component v1.2 released

free flash preloader componentA new version of Flash preloader component is released.

We’ve added new features as resizing of loaded images.

ActionScript documentation is now available.

Preloader component became more simple to install as Adobe Extension

Download, see a sample, read the docs and use it for your pleasure. Check new flash preloader component page here >>>.

Top 5 Job Sites for Flash Developers and Flash Designers

Good day,

As the title says, I want to present top 5 websites to look for a project if you’re Flash/ActionScript developer or Flash Designer.
All of the following descriptions are based on my own experience, so please don’t judge too severe.

Wanted! Professionals Seeking $80,000 to $500,000+


A greatest website to get employed. It has a number of flash/flex positions and projects listed daily. I would recommend any Flash developer/designer to register and publish his CV. Continue reading ‘Top 5 Job Sites for Flash Developers and Flash Designers’

Flash client-server communication using Flash Remoting and WebOrb. Tutorial.

What you will learn…

– How to send data from flash movie to server using Flash Remoting
– What your server should have for successful communication with flash movie.
– Arrangement of flash-server dialog, sample actionscript code needed.

What you should know…

– You must be familiar with ActionScript classes, Flash IDE and components.
– You should have a basic knowledge of PHP
– You should have an access to your web server and be able to install needed packages on it

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Flash Preloader. Howto. (Part 1) Two frames.

There are several ways the preloader can be implemented in the flash document.

This is the first article, which covers the one way of building the flash preloader.

Two frames.

That’s the very old method, I believe it came with ActionScript1, but still is used in various flash applications.

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