Dear readers,

Here I want to share some resources, which you may find interesting when looking for flash ready-to-use solutions.

I hope the following links will answer the question: “Where to find a free flash component I need?

The idea is that you’d better know about the things and functionality you can use for free before you start to implement it yourself. Believe me, that may save you a lot of time and energy.

1) A really first place for you to take a look at is Adobe Exchange. There is a variety of free flash components:

2) Also I would recommend you to check Yahoo’s free flash components release, which includes a batch of useful components you may use at no charge:

  • AutoComplete,
  • AlertManager,
  • AudioPlayback ,
  • BarChart, ColumnChart, LineChart, and PieChart,
  • HBoxPane, VBoxPane, FlowPane, TilePane and BorderPane,
  • Menu ,
  • MenuBar ,
  • TabBar ,
  • Tree

3) Flash stores such as Flashloaded and JumpeyeComponents also have some freebies to offer:

Free Flash components from Flashloaded

Free flash components from Flashloaded:

  • rightClickMenu NEW
  • flashTooltip-lite
  • dynamicTextfeeder
  • flashTexteditor Lite
  • flashTickerFX Trial
  • flashTimer Trial
  • movieController
  • Flash Release

Some flash components at are also available fro free:

4) Good featured but AS1 Text Editor component might be found here:
Free Text Editor Sources:

5) Here is a free Flash Gallery component:
Free PhotoFlow:

6) There is a good article with a description of 5 free resources, where you may find almost everything you need to integrate flash charts into your flash document. Free flash charting components. Click here to read it.

7) And of course I couldn’t forget about our own free flash components. Yet we offer only free preloader component, but soon the list will be updated with new ones.

Let me know if you have any other resources to share 😉 and I will add them to the list.