Good day,

As the title says, I want to present top 5 websites to look for a project if you’re Flash/ActionScript developer or Flash Designer.
All of the following descriptions are based on my own experience, so please don’t judge too severe.

Wanted! Professionals Seeking $80,000 to $500,000+


A greatest website to get employed. It has a number of flash/flex positions and projects listed daily. I would recommend any Flash developer/designer to register and publish his CV.
Also, a good thing is RSS subscription. Subscribe here and read the latest job offers in your feed reader.
This web resource has great options; all of the projects are clearly described. Each position states whether employer is looking for on-site employee or accepts telecommuting workers to apply (International positions)
Very good projects might be found at, which also means good payout rates.

2) Kirupa Job Offers

Kirupa is a well known Flash Web Resource. It has three sections of job offers:

  • Free / Barter System” – if you want to work for free or for a service from someone else. Good thing if you need some design done in exchange on your programming skills, I did so few times.
  • Low Profile” – If you’re looking for small projects, just for your portfolio with a low pay rates, this is the right section for you
  • High Profile” – postings of solid requests, where high skills are required. Not for newbie to come in.

Kirupa is a vbulletin based forum. You may find ‘Jobs; section here:

3) Executive Openings

Excellent job search web portal. Its promo says: “C-level Execs., Senior VPs, VPs, Directors & Managers. $80,000 to $500,000” and I have just nothing to add.

4) Job Listings

Authentic Jobs offers a variety of good job offers, where Flash jobs also often appear.
Generally, I would recommend this website to all kinds of web developers, who are constantly demanded and I believe hired for a good compensation—é
This site also offers telecommuting positions quite often.
Authentic RSS to subscribe.

5) Jobs at 37signals

Good reliable resource, which offers even more than job openings. It has own Basecamp engine, which is very comfortable way to track/lead the projects of any budget.
I would definitely recommend this website. However, Flash/AS jobs are not that often offered there.
37signals jobs RSS

5+) Batch of auction type websites

When you’re in high demand for the projects to work, I would also recommend taking a look at auctions-like websites. All of them allow registering for free; however some have these free accounts very limited. Nevertheless, if you provide a good portfolio and write your bid accurately, you may find a project there.

  • – free registration, however high commission, it takes 15% of any projects.
  • – nice bidding platform. It gives 3 connects in a free account, which allow making 3 bids for small projects. Low commission %.
  • – free account allows bidding on not ‘guru’ or ‘guru-vendor’ requests, which are about 20% of all bid requests at the site. Really worth to try.

There are much more of websites of such kind, but the above are the ones I have worked with myself. And they did not disappoint me.

Generally I would recommend to subscribe to all possible job offers RSS feeds and check them frequently. It’s quite comfortable to browse a number of projects through rss channels. Send your CV (better with a link to online portfolio) to more possible employers and that will definitely reward back.