Dreamline Free Dolphin 6 template

Dreamline dolphin template – this is a very popular free dolphin 6 template compatible with all latest versions..

dreamline dolphin


Dolphin dreamline demo for Dolphin 6.1

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Dolphin v6.1 (6.1.0 , 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.13, 6.1.4, 6.1.X ) – this is new version of Dreamline template for Dolphin 6.1. Now template is even better – it has new icon set and new avatars. Also some more improvements were added.

Download: Dreamline FREE dolphin v6.1 template  Dreamline FREE dolphin v6.1 template (419.9 KiB, 9,871 Downloads)

New updated version has fixes for Member login AJAX box, tab image background, IE fixes.
If you are using this template on website for dolphin 6.1.x it’s recommended to use updated template.

ORCA and Dreamline for Dolphin v6.1
People usually have some problems with orca and dreamline template as orca was designed for templates with white background.
To solve problems you need to add this code to dreamline css file tmpl_wtt/css/general.css
#orca_main {color:#666666;}
#f_header {color:#FFFFFF;}
#f_desc, #f_desc_no {color:#FFFFFF;}


Dolphin 6.0.0 – 6.0.3 – the first of our templates integrated with dolphin and probably the first template optimized for 1024×768 resolution. This is very attractive template that is used on many websites and what is even more exciting it’s absolutely free.

Download: Dreamline FREE dolphin 6.0.0-6.0.3 template  Dreamline FREE dolphin 6.0.0-6.0.3 template (329.8 KiB, 11,208 Downloads)
Get ORCA template for this version of dolphin here to have a whole website in the same style line.


Dolphin 6.0.4 – this template is optimized for 6.0.4 version – it also has some improvements and some of our members wish lists, such as : dropdown menu – black square was removed and many other small fixes.

Download: Dreamline template for Dolphin 6.0.4 - 6.0.5  Dreamline template for Dolphin 6.0.4 - 6.0.5 (329.9 KiB, 3,713 Downloads)

Get ORCA template for this version of dolphin here to have a whole website in the same style line.


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  1. 1 WebMan

    dream line will be release by the 10 of january 2010/ now we are testing it.

  2. 2 UstillUp

    Wow! This is one awesome Dolphin template. First of all I think Dolphin is by far the best software for making a chat, dating or social networking site. Second, if you are going to make a Dolphin site, then this template is definitely the way to go. I can’t believe this is free. Awesome job people.

  3. 3 zammzamm

    when will this be available for dolphin 7?

  4. 4 Jack

    I note from your comments on january 7,2010 the Dreamline template for Dolpfin ver 7 was to be released a few days later. It appears this didnt occur – do you have a new release date?

  5. 5 WebMan

    WE plan to release this template on 1 of MAY 2010. now the final tests are on the way.

  6. 6 WebMan

    1 of may 2010

  7. 7 zammzamm

    do you have a release date for the dolphin 7 version

  8. 8 Jack

    Its nearly July – do you have a new release date for the new version 7 template?

  9. 9 Chat Man

    This is a very, very nice template for a dolphin chat or dating site. Good job.

  10. 10 spencer

    when will this be available for 7? i have a running site i would love to use this on

  11. 11 Matthew

    Will this be for 7.02 as well ?

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