All Dolphin SEO Plugin modification

New Version for dolphin 7 will be ready on 10 august 2010!

Flashdaweb Team proudly releases plugin that is going to change the world of Dolphin CMS.
We have been working hard and finally made All Dolphin SEO Plugin! Yahooo!!! or should we say Googly-y-y-y!!

This is a “must to have” plugin for those who has dolphin CMS installed and want all pages to be optimized for Search Engines. Also this Plugin is not just about SEO, plugin adds more sense to dolphin and it’s usability and help to build own brand.

Demo Available here

FAQ and Docs here

On demo website you can check the title of pages and meta tag auto generator. You can compare titles to default dolphin installtion on

Take ithere

HEAD Manager (added in v1.5) – Now admin can override any page Title and META Tags. This Manager makes website SEO flexible as never before.

Robot.txt (added in v1.5) – Default Dolphin has too many duplicate content isueses and this is not good for SEO of the website. This small file make indexing of the website more logical and fix duplicate content problems. Get more from SEO!

Sitewide META Keywords (added in v1.2) – not all pages used auto Meta tags generation – now you can use default Dolphin meta tags System on this pages.
Pages are: Browse, Search, browse Groups, Browse blogs.

URL transliteration (added in v1.2) – dolphin use only english letters and all the rest are removed from url. This could be the problem for many languages such as : Russian, Chinese, German, etc.
With this option you can use translish settings for your own langeage and set translit rules.
more information about transliteration option
Transliteration Domo

New TITLE Tags – First and the most important feature of the Dolphin SEO Plugin is new title tags generation system. We made this more friendly for Search engines and website users.

Dolphin CMS Titles with and without Dolphin SEO:
without – name_of_photo
with – name_of_photo | Photos | your_website_brand

without – post_name
with – post_name | Author_name’s Blog | your_website_brand

without – Offer Details
with – ads_title | Offer Details | your_website_brand

without – Events
with – event_name | Events | your_website_brand

your_website_brand – is the last part of title on every website, you can change it the way you like. This helps to build own website brand and lets users and SE know where they are now.
your_website_brand could be just a domain name ( or a tag line (Single Webdevelopers community).

Title Separator – All SEO plugin has an option in admin panel which allows changing the Title tag separator symbol, so site owner can control it.

Examples of title separators

event_name | Events | your_website_brand
event_name >> Events >> your_website_brand
event_name > Events > your_website_brand
event_name – Events – your_website_brand
event_name : Events : your_website_brand
event_name :: Events :: your_website_brand
event_name / Events / your_website_brand
event_name \ Events \ your_website_brand
event_name — Events — your_website_brand
event_name | Events | your_website_brand

Choose one and use it on your whole website.
We recommend to use ” | ” separator, as our team likes it ;)

Important HOME Page – Home (Index) page of any website is the most important page and in ALL SEO plugin we have added option for Home page Title, META Description and META keywords. In admin panel you can control this for home page and set TITLE or META Tags they way you like. They are unique for the page.

Meta Tags – new system Automatically generate META tags for most important pages ,such as Profile page, blog post, event, ad , photo, video, Group ,and articles.
How it works: lets say Photo page has a description of photo and tags.. so META description tag will be photo description and META keywords will be photo tags. The same way for other pages.
Also in admin page you’ll be able to set maximum number of symbols for Meta Tags.

If you need any new feature please leave a comment and who know maybe your idea will be included in next release

Admin screenshots.

all seo plugin for dolphin

all SEO plugin for Dolphin CMS

all seo plugin for dolphin CMS

Vesrion history

  • v 1.5 -
    1. added SEO Tool – HEAD Manager – override any page Title or META Dolphin website.
    2. Robot.txt -  duplicate content problem fix for Dolphin based websites.
    3. New menu in admin.
    4. NOW! available for Dolphin from v6.0.1 to v6.1.4
  • v 1.2 -
    a – added option to use default website meta tags on pages wihout auto Meta tags generatior.
    b – added transliteration option for Userfrienly URLs.
    c – some othe minor chages and fixes
  • v 1.1 – MetaTAgs generation improvements+ installation manual changes
  • v 1.0 – Release

73 Responses to “All Dolphin SEO Plugin modification”

  1. 1 John

    Please inform me when this mod is available.

  2. 2 WebMan

    yep! we will send you a message.

  3. 3 Justin

    This looks like some of your best work yet. Nicely done!

  4. 4 Stuart

    Please let me know when this mod is available!

  5. 5 Olivia

    Great mod! Will it place the htm or html at the end of the URL… it would be great if it did.

  6. 6 WebMan

    it’s now available.

  7. 7 jeremy

    great mod, i got me a copy. now maybe we can try something with alt tags.

  8. 8 WebMan

    >> jeremy
    actually this mod changes
    website title system – most important for SEO
    website META tags – important for displaying in search results of SE.

    Actually WE ARE now working over another mod that will change dolphin urls and add html at the end of it…
    it will be available in 14 days. This mod will also have many other advantages in URL generation

  9. 9 cliff

    is this app ready and if so how would I install it?

  10. 10 WebMan

    >> cliff

    you need to order it from here
    ater you have downloaded you will find instructions in the ZIP file. You can ask us to install it.

  11. 11 jeremy

    i applied this mod for all the tags to be changed. a few days later noticed a huge drop in google, now i dont even show up for my regular keywords. is this something temporary because of the massive meta tag changes.


  12. 12 WebMan

    >> jeremy

    now your title tags and META tags on page has been changed and Google now reindexing your website pages. when it finishes reindexation result would be better then they used to be…

  13. 13 Singlemonster

    Great Mod !!!!! A must have for all sites!
    Thanks for quick response concerning my questions….


  14. 14 John



  15. 15 Micha

    Great SEO Boonex tool.

    Meybe for the next version:

    Tags are important for the internal linking, this is important for the onpage optimisation. The link text is important!!! In Boonex there are still the same text in tags: “count” not so optimal. Better if there liktext are ech time different and the same like the Tag.

    1.1 Moreover there coud be a problem with duplicate content, the indexed profiles, are indexed also in the search/tag section (duplicated)And with still the same title: “search”

    2. Different titles of the main page for other languages. (Also for Blogs and Orca)

    But this is the best aviable SEO Tool for Dolphin Boonex and I think we are on the right way! Good job!

  16. 16 Lakshmi Priya


    We have installed this plug-in in a website (based on dolphin and boonex)and we noticed that the videos and audios don’t work anymore. Can you please let us know how to resolve this. We need to have the videos and audios working – please help.


  17. 17 monica

    please email me when it becomes available.

  18. 18 elbarck

    I’d appreciate mailing me when it becomes available.

  19. 19 Micha

    Hi maybe you can combine your product with the new module: meta tag control:

    or take it in all seo. Then is all seo more flexible.

  20. 20 Micha

    Thera are still more even newer SEO tools for Boonex on the web! Are you working on somethink new. I hope the project is not death! It would unfortunate be! It is a great tool, hope you write somethink what you do in future. You can see the tool working on my page

  21. 21 Xianchi

    Good mod, a few things need adding to it tho for it to be worth the $50 we have paid, its not a complete mod in some cases, still a few duplicate problems but as said above, its a move in the right direction

    Good job, looking forward to version 1.3, are there any updates due soon?

  22. 22 WebMan

    New version of SEO plugin is on the way. new features new fixes.
    now admin can controll all URLs titles, meta description and keywords.
    new version will have new fixes for double title meta tags and double content of pages on diferent languages.

    X days left :)

  23. 23 Volker

    Great script. But i hope, the new version is coming soon, because my site is multilanguage and all metatags are the same in different languages.
    Please email me when the new version becomes available.

  24. 24 Denis

    Hello. Could the

    SEO Plugin
    generate key words like “Volta Redonda, Male” insted of “xade7 ola!  FlasDaWeb Dolphin Demo” on this page   ?

  25. 25 David Brett

    we are an seo company and would like to purchase this module for a client, where can this be purchased and when

    regards David, SEOGURU

  26. 26 Angel5000


    If we buy your seo plugin now, are the futur updates of this tools free?

    Thank you 

  27. 27 Inka

    this is a grate plugin, i am going to bookmark your article for farther updates

  28. 28 Dan

    Where the hell do you find the ‘order’ or ‘purchase’ or ‘download’ button for this mod??? I want it! Where is it??

  29. 29 WebMan – you can download this Plugin from Expertzzz. we will place the link into the page shortly.

  30. 30 Pedro

    Where can I download this?

  31. 31 WebMan

    you can download this on expertzzzz website.. but soon we will make own online shop for dolphin mods and templates.

  32. 32 sergey

    На русском языке есть установка продукта?

  33. 33 Art

    The All Dolphin SEO Plugin modification v1.5 is compatible with Dolphin 7.0 Final ?

    And When are you going to have your black template ready and compatible with Dolphin 7.0 Final ?



  34. 34 WebMan

    now we are working over SEO plugin 2.0 that is compatible to dolphin 7.. unfortunately dolphin 7 has too many new features that doe not have any seo enable and now we are working to release our plugin asap.

  35. 35 WebMan

    sergey >>
    на русском языке есть установка – обращайтесь через контактную форму все устроим.

  36. 36 ddammitt

    how far off are you on the dolphin 7 seo mod? also will it have the same features as the current one?

  37. 37 Cheap Facebook Developer

    Great mod! Will it place the htm or html at the end of the URL… it would be great if it did.

  38. 38 WebMan

    we need about 10 more working day to finish it and test it. this new release will have the same and few new features for dolphin 7.
    will try to bring it to you ASAP!

  39. 39 Micha


    do you developed the SEO Plugin for Dolphin 7.0?

  40. 40 WebMan

    there 5 more days left to release the plugin.

  41. 41 Helen

    Когда возможна установка SEO модуля для 7 Дельфина, будет ли усовершенствован инструментарий настроек тегов типа – ?

  42. 42 Tech Review

    Great script. But i hope, the new version is coming soon, because my site is multilanguage and all metatags are the same in different languages.

  43. 43 Matthew C. Kriner

    Your video is fantastic. But when I copy my html onto the php, my images don’t show up. I’ve checked the paths and they seem fine. Help please?

  44. 44 Alexander

    Is it the plugin ready for the version 7?
    And if it’s ready where i can buy it from.
    Please anounce me when it’s ready
    Thank you

  45. 45 Luca

    News about this mod for Dolphin 7.0?

  46. 46 Alex

    I want this plugin for dolplin7 . When is ready?

  47. 47 Alexander

    Will this plugin be released any more for Dolphin 7 or you have gived up?
    I want to know if i should rent a coder or i should wait to be released. How much does it take?

  48. 48 antz1066

    Has this Plugin been released for Dolphin 7 yet ? Where can I get it ?

  49. 49 rob

    Any updates on the plugin for dolphin 7?

  50. 50 Alexander

    When it’s ready for dolphin7 I want it

  51. 51 gms777

    is it available? pls let me know if its ready

  52. 52 rob

    It’s been 2 months since January 22 :(

  53. 53 Alexander

    Did you abandon this project (for 7.0 Dolphin version)

  54. 54 sergey

    когда будет обновлено для 7 версии?
    мне очень нужно!

  55. 55 Jack Strawman

    This is awesome! This is exactly what I and everybody else needs for their dolphin 7 site.

  56. 56 WebMan

    Готовим обновление бедет в МАЕ 2010 года ближе к середине

  57. 57 WebMan

    Working over it

  58. 58 doomenterprises

    how does one purchase yoru seo mod? isnt the old site down?

  59. 59 Chantelle

    When will this be ready for dolphin 7?

  60. 60 Jerome

    hope the D7 version will be ready soon.

  61. 61 Roshonda

    The expertz site is in read only. When will this plug in be available for purchase and on what site?

  62. 62 donny

    please email me on how and where to buy this xxxfilmjobs AT hotmail DOT com

  63. 63 Denise

    I’m still working on my Dolphin site. I’m interested in purchasing your D7 SEO mod when it comes out on August 10. I have the same question as the person above. How can I purchase your mod since mods can no longer be purchased at Expertzzz? How much will it cost?


  64. 64 Sarmi

    Today is August 10, 2010. Is it ready yet? I am eagerly waiting for it.

  65. 65 Sarmi

    I am waiting version for Dolphin 7. When will it be ready? I can’t wait any more!!

  66. 66 Mike

    Any word on release?

  67. 67 michael

    OK, past the date…. Any news?

  68. 68 Karl

    Any update on a version for Dolphin 7? Does not appear available

  69. 69 John

    I would like this mod for D7.2 when will it be ready?

  70. 70 Mike

    Hi Webman, when i applied this mod for all the tags to be changed on my blog a few days later i noticed a huge drop in google, is that possible, or just a called google dance ?

    Will wait for your response,



  71. 71 Mitchell

    Hi Webman,
    I’m using Dolphin 6. Can I download previous version?

    Thanks, Mitchell

  72. 72 Sumeshcs

    I want ‘ALL Dolphin SEO’ pluggin.
    How can i get it.
    Can i see the demonstration and facilities.

    Thanks regards

  73. 73 Orgil

    I wanna to download that, but it jumps automatically to ??

    Please help me to get this great plugin.. How can I download that :?

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