png-symbol-error-256x256For the past 3 days we have had lots of Database error in our Dolphin DEMO.

Error is
Database error in Dolphin Demo
Mysql error:
User flashdaw_d603 has already more than ‘max_user_connections‘ active connections

Called script: /demo/dolphin/d61/guestbook.php

Request parameters:

We have contacted hosting company but they said all setting are the same and we need to switch plan to get more max_user_connections number.

What is max_user_connections? – Number of MySQL connections at the same time (let’s say 1 second ).  In our hosting we have max_user_connections = 20. If you have 25 page impressions for a second than 5 people will see the Error page.

All seems to be clear but we do not have that much traffic on our Demo website. Lets say 20 people for a second and we should have about 1 700 000 page impressions for 24 hours. Our website does not have this number of visits.
All topics about this error on tell people to change hosting plan to VPS or dedicated but this is not the solution for us actually as we do not have that much visitors on website. I keep exploring the problem and have found solution on a website.

here is first one.

in your “inc” directory find the file In that file find the line that reads:
$this->link = @mysql_pconnect( $this->host . $this->port . $this->sock, $this->user, $this->passwd );
and change it to:
$this->link = @mysql_connect( $this->host . $this->port . $this->sock, $this->user, $this->passwd );
Taking out the “p” from mysql_pconnect makes it a single connect instead of a persistant connection.

This solution helped some people but not our website and we found another thing. Most of errors was when guestbook.php file executed. We started exploring and found out that in member profile anyone can post a comment in member guestbook. Spammers used this option to live a links on their websites and they send requests 20-30 times a second and actually this was the problem for our demo website.
This can be called Denial-of-service attack when people visiting website see only Database error message.
I just removed guestbook.php file from demo website and member menu and now all is good and no more ERRORS.

if you have the same errors this can be spammers or you have very popular website and you should optimize Database request.

The only solution for us was removal of the PHP file. if you take a look to and you will see that these websites does not have this files too.  Boonex know where the problem is and removed it so you should do the same.

Good luck