Hi there!

I’m glad to say that today is 1.5 years anniversary of flashdaweb.com project. Happy Birthday to all!!!

What did we reach after 1.5 year, well we are proud to have google page rank 5!

We have published a number of popular tutorial, free xhtml|Wordpress|Dolphin templates, which we hope you enjoy reading and using

For the last month we have over 11000 visitors.

We have made 57 posts on our blog (including this one) and have received 548 comments

There is something to be proud of, and we really are!

Thank you for visiting us. You  are always welcome to leave your feedback or comment. We are glad that we could create interesting and useful web resource for you. Let us know what might be missing and we will try to cover any possible gap.

Best wishes to you!

Faithfully yours,

FlashDaWeb Team