FlashPlayer 10, first experience – installation and FileReference problems.

Well, to say the truth my first FP10 experience started not with warm “Welcome to Adobe FlashPlayer 10!!!

First of all, when I tried to install it I got very wierd error message:

Adobe Flash Player Plugin Setup
You do not have sufficient disk space to complete this installation.
Please free 5000 KB and try again.

And that’s with not even a few free GigaBytes on my system drive. However, ther reason was not in free space at all but in my drive’s label letter. I don’t have drive ‘C:’ – my system is installed on ‘D:’ and this was the reason for FlashPlayer 10 to refuse to install.

Solution for this problem was found pretty quick, I pluged in a flash memory stick into my USB drive, which became ‘C:’ and Hurray!!! FlashPlayer10 was installed.

Why did I need FP10? That was not just a curiousity. I recieved multiple complains from users that their flash applications stopped working properly, and you know why? Right, FP10 didn’t let those apps to smoothly run.

FileReference class.

The problems, different users were having, are connected with files exporting and uploading.  In particular, FileReference.browse and FileReference.download methods. As you may know these methods bring up a system FileOpen dialog – where user should select a file to upload or target directory to download it. FlashPlayer10 has increased its security support. And new rule is that those FileReference.browse and FileReference.download methods must be explicitly called in user’s action handler – meaning that user should perform some action and hence confirm that he intends to popup the file browser dialog. In fact, to make it work for FP10 you need to move FileReference code into mouse click handler function  (onRelease).

So, if your flash application was doing some system task and then asked for a directory to save the file into, you now must to revise this behaviour.

The simplest solution is to add new confirmation dialog. For example, your flash application is online drawing program, when saving file you at first save file to the server and then save it to user’s computer. Previously you could track server file saving process and bring up File open dialog when needed. Now you can add some confirmation popup, which may say “File is ready! Save it?”  Ok|Cancel. And call FileRefences.download in ‘Ok’ buttons’ click handler. And it will work just fine 😉

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