I would like to offer three books, which I think will be really good to have for professional developers, who wants to get the best results of using Adobe Flash CS3.

First book is about general tips and tricks a professional should be familiar with when using Adobe Flash CS3 for any task.

Second book sheds more detailed light on building a website technique. The role and capabilities of Flash CS3 Professional to make a modern styled website are fully described.

Third book, which I suggest to readers, is about the most popular Flash application for the present moment – online audio and video sharing. This book has a number of valued highlights and I also recommend it to everyone to have at hand when working in this media field with Adobe Flash CS3.

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1. Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional How-Tos

Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional How-Tos
Flash is the most ubiquitous technology today for creating and deploying dynamic content on the Web. From button rollovers to video animations, Flash not only brings pizzazz to the Web but also makes difficult concepts easier to understand through illustrations, diagrams, and so on. Now that Flash CS3 Professional is part of the Adobe family, users new to the software as well as veteran users unfamiliar with added Adobe feature need quick access to key features and fundamental techniques. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: 100 Essential Techniques provides users with what they need to know to start working in Flash. Each technique is presented in a self-contained unit of one or two pages so users can dive in and start working right away, unencumbered by lengthy descriptions or technical detail. For example, if readers want to know how to use Flash’s new QuickTime export feature, they can turn directly to that page, quickly grasp the technique, as well as pick up a few tips along the way. Read more>>>

2. Creating a Web Site with Flash CS3 Professional

Creating a Web Site with Flash CS3 ProfessionalWith 75% of U.S. households having Internet connections, more people than ever are going online for information, shopping, or just to surf. The need for interactive and well-designed sites has never been higher, and more people are looking to learn—or improve—their Web skills. For the busy professionals whose boss wants them to jazz up their Web site, or the student burning the midnight oil to put together some Web animations for a class, Creating a Web Site with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Visual QuickProject Guide is just the book they need to start creating Flash sites in an instant. Pared down to just the essentials, this book shows readers who are short on time just what they need to know to accomplish their first project in Flash. Topics covered include using the Flash authoring tool, creating and animating graphics, tweening, loading dynamic data, adding sound and video, plus coverage of new Flash CS3 features: Primitive Object drawing tools, Adobe Illustrator import, Active content detection, and more. It’s everything readers need to know to develop their Web site using Adobe Flash! The book’s companion Web site offers project files and updates. Read more >>>

3. Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional Video Studio Techniques

Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional Video Studio Techniques
From pre-production to post, author Rob Reinhardt shares the techniques that make Adobe Flash CS3 a powerful tool for sharing video over the Web. With sections on capturing and encoding video, creating and using cue points, working with transparency, and deploying and delivering optimal quality, he covers the information that users need to get started, and then goes in-depth to bring his readers to expert status quickly. Read more >>>

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