Orca forum is a Boonex script that is integrated with Dolphin CMS by default – you can find it here (http://www.boonex.com/products/orca/)

Today, when playing with Orca, I found that it’s not really comfortable for dolphin members to use. I’ll explaine why.

By default, when you make a forum group – you create some subcategories and by default they are hidden, like on the picture:

So, it look like the forum is empty and to see topics you need to click on group name and then AJAX loads topics. And you will see this:

What I wanted to do was to make all groups opened initially and showing sll subforums by default. I looked over the script for a while and found the solution. (It’s for Orca 2.0 but should work for other versions too):



 if (( isset($p['cat']) && $p['cat'] == $r['cat_uri'] ) /*|| 1 == $r['cat_id'] */)
	$c .= ''.$this->getForumsXML ($r['cat_uri'], 0) . '';

And just comment it out like this:

//  if (( isset($p['cat']) && $p['cat'] == $r['cat_uri'] ) /*|| 1 == $r['cat_id'] */)
// {
	$c .= ''.$this->getForumsXML ($r['cat_uri'], 0) . '';

After that you should go and recompile the language file for the changes to take affect.
That is it, all forums will be opened by default and your forum will not look like an empty one.

Also If you want to add something opened as default (by your_website.com/orca/)



found here (line ~289):

    transCheck ($f->getPageXML(1, $_GET), $gConf['dir']['xsl'] . 'home_main.xsl', $_GET['debug'] ? 0 : 1);

comment this line

 // transCheck ($f->getPageXML(1, $_GET), $gConf['dir']['xsl'] . 'home_main.xsl', $_GET['debug'] ? 0 : 1);

and put next code:

$_GET['cat'] = $_GET['cat_id'] = 'ID_OF_CAT';
$xsl = 'home_main.xsl';
transCheck ($f->getPageXML(1, $_GET), $gConf['dir']['xsl'] . $xsl, $_GET['debug'] ? 0 : 1);

where ‘ID_OF_CAT’ is URI of destination Forum Category