dreamline free xhtml templateNew Dolphin CMS v6.1 has been released and we’ve made new dreamline template for this version. New Dolphin has got some new features such as couples profile, new page builder and other improvements. I think that new version is a step back to dating script because by default dolphin has a “looking for” field and couple profiles also are more a feature for dating than for community. Also new dolphin and Boonex team made me upset while I was working over new template and doing tests. You may wonder why? Well, I’ll tell you.

  1. New “powered by” box has become even bigger and has own style declaration that can not be changed in template CSS or html files.
  2. Many small bugs in dolphin template realization and separation code from template.
  3. New dating features.

Ok, enough about dolphin I’d better tell you about new template.

What is so good about it? Hm!!! The best part is – While making it I’ve put a part of my soul into it and many hours of work.

It’s better to see the functioning demo than to hear 1000 times about it, so just go to Download page and use it. 🙂

Find more Dreamline templates for other Dolphin versions on our Resources page.