Free Flash Preloader Component – simple but featured loading activity indicator.

Update: New version of Flash preloader component was released with new features and new documentation. Please go to new Free flash preloader component page >>>

The following information is about older 1.0 version.

Free Flash Preloader component provides an easy way to add a nice visual loading indicatior when loading images or external swf files.

You may skin the preloader component and display any flash animation while loading your data.

It is extremely simple to use. Just place an instance of preloader component on the stage:

Adding preloader component

And set the parameters:

Preloader parameters

The parameters are:

skinSwf – linkage identifier of any animation symbol in library you would like to be played while loading the source. That is a skin for your preloader component.

skinType – when animation movie identifier is set in ‘skinSwf’ parameter you may choose whether this animation will be played in ‘progressive’ or ‘cyclic’ mode.

– ‘progressive‘ mode plays skinSwf animation depending on the progress of loaded movie – meaning skinSwf animation’s current frame depends on the percentage of loaded source movie. In this mode your flash preloader component will function as a progress bar.

– ‘cyclic’ mode just plays skinSwf animation in a loop while source movie or image is loaded. This mode of preloader tells users that some activity is happening in flash document, but doesn’t inform about its progress and when loading is going to be finished.

source – the path to the file of image or swf to load. Our flash preloader component takes care of loading the files for you. It’s only needed to specify where this file is located. Moreover, a batch of events got fired to inform you about loading status. We will update the documentation soon

target – name of target movieclip, which will be replaced with loaded image or swf specified in source attribute filed. If it’s not specified, preloader component creates a target movieclip at the highest depth of _root scope. Loaded source is placed in the coordinates of the preloader.

You may take a look at preloader component in action

If you are looking for a flash animation for your preloader, please take a look at our simple preloaders animations and professional preloader animations. All of these animations might be easily used as skins for our free preloader component.


No download of Flash Preloader Component v1.0 is available. We recommend using new version, which you may find at this page >>>

5 Responses to “Free Flash Preloader Component – simple but featured loading activity indicator.”

  1. 1 rene

    I am really impressed by your preloader. It is very easy to use and easy to set up.
    Only I had to copy paste from your movie into a new one, because direct loading from the file did not work. also it does not resize the image to the placeholder size (but hell, just make sure the images are the correct size 🙂 )

    The best thing is, it works with Flashlite! Superb.

    I only wanted to ask you, does it unload the images when moved to another place in the frame or is there a way to force the unload. as I am working with flashlite I need to keep the resources low.


  2. 2 Paul


    Glad to hear you like the preloader. It doesn’t unload the images when going to the next frame. But you can force to unload the images simply using unloadMovie method. If you pass target movieclip to the preloader then unloadMovie(your_target_mc) should unload it nicely. If you let preloader to create a target automatically, then you should call it this way:


    ‘preloader_target’ is a movie clip which is automatically created if no target mc is specified.

    Soon preloader will be updated and unload() and parameters for loaded image/clip sizing will be added. Stay in touch and get it soon.

  3. 3 Patrick

    Great component!

    I was able to link up my source file with ease.. but I could use some help with the ‘target’ part..
    The swf file that I am loading loads outside the stage.. I know it has to do with the registration point.. of what (movieclip in the preloader .swf or the source .swf..maybe?) and how to get it right , i have no idea. Also the linkage of the skinSwf..  which file is that in? what would the text be to link to a library item?

    Sorry for all the questions.
    Help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. 4 Paul


    ‘target’ parameter is a movie clip to load external resource to, just like AS2 loadMovie() method, which replace the content of ‘target’ mc with whatever is loaded.

    ‘skinSwf’ is a string identifier of animation to be played in your flash document’s library (in ‘Linkage’ dailog). It must be contained to you main document, not loaded from any other swf files.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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