Today I have found a bunch of interesting WEB 2.0 services you might like.Here it is:

StripeGenerator stripegenerator2.gif – this is very cool tool to make WEB 2.0 backgrounds with stripes. Community help to find something very cool and you can be a part of the stripes movement.. very very cool stripegenerator.

ReflectionMaker reflectionmaker.gif – It’s funny service that allows you to make pictures with reflection. This tool let you choose picture from URL or upload from your PC, then you choose the reflection size and background color and that’s it. Push Generate button and see the result. The bad thing about this service – it does not have community part and you can not see other people pictures.

TabsGenerator tabsgenerator.gif – This tool let you generate Tabs. Tool options: height, width, border size, corner radius, background , fill style , fill color(s), border color , orientation. This Generator let you create various tabs. It does not have community part either.

TartanMaker tartn.jpg– You can make own Tartan. You can modify slider values by typing directly the desired value. This service has a community part and you can see others tartans and download then and share with others.