Upcoming Flash Components Line – FancyShapes Idea Is On The Way

I’m really glad to announce the upcoming Flash Components from FlashDaWeb!

The idea is to create a bunch of free Flash Components implementing the different fancy geometric shapes.

The name for this components family will be FancyShapes.

They are planned to be deployed as ActionScript 3.0, Flash CS 3 components. Probably later we’ll add AS2 version too, but yet plan only AS3 versions to be here.

Here is the list of shapes we plan to implement:

  • Fancy Star Flash Component
  • Fancy Spirograph Flash Component
  • Fancy Spiral Flash Component

Hope much more will be added later, but now look forward to have those controls ready to be published.

Let us know if you have any other ideas of fancy geometric shapes, which will be interesting to have as a separate flash component.

Also, what component would you like to appear first? AS3 or AS2? It’s really interesting to know what is currently demanded more. Flash CS3 or Flash 8?



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