Dreamline free XHTML + CSS template

We are happy to announce the release of the first FREE template on FlashDaWeb.

The name of the template is “deamline”.

Why dreamline? – because it’s fresh, interesting and not like all of the rest website templates.

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dreamline template


Download: Dreamline free XHTML template  Dreamline free XHTML template (62.5 KiB, 9,521 Downloads)
(it’s free but we ask to leave a link “design by flashdaweb”)

26 Responses to “Dreamline free XHTML + CSS template”

  1. 1 Jeranon

    I really like the look and functionality of your template! I’ll be sending you a link or 3 as I implement it… Kinda see what you’re kid’s grown up to be…
    Thanx for the work that must have went into this!

  2. 2 Paul


    Thanks for your comment, this template is really a good one, I believe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And we will be greatful very much for linking back to us.

    Hopefully, soon we’ll have more interesting stuff to share!

  3. 3 Barry


    i have downloaded the dreamline template and its great but i have noticed if you add text to make the page go over a screen and you scroll up and down, the headings LICENCE and ABOUT THIS TEMPLATE lose their structure and background?

    can you fix this please.

    thanks otherwise its great

  4. 4 WebMan

    >>if you add text to make the page go over a screen and you scroll up and down, the headings LICENCE and ABOUT THIS TEMPLATE lose their structure and background?

    Hello Barry this template was tested in all popular browsers and there were no problems with it..

    Please advice your site URL where we can see the problem and we will help you to fix this..

    Good luck


  5. 5 Kyle Welsh

    I implemented this template at my site recently – very cool. I haven’t done html/css development in a while, but its starting to come back. Thanks for the excellent templates you guys provide – keep up the great work. ~Kyle Welsh

  6. 6 Parth

    Very inspiring template.



  7. 7 Darren W

    Hi, i plan on using this amazing looking template for my current site, but i am having trouble adding my own photos.. im a novice at css and would like to know how to add/change or modify the current images..

  8. 8 mac mc

    great template– im not so sharp with CSS but having a blast learning… I noticed that the 6 photos would not completely load–they’re 75×75, so it seems the “thumb_block” on the style sheet wasnt big enough to accomodate them. so I made it bigger. I also added a scrolling textarea to the “firstbox content” and style-sheeted a darkgrey background and off-white arial font–looks good. I’ll post website when im finished.

  9. 9 Kimo

    This is an excellent theme. I chose this from among alot more and it looks great. My site (okpeeps.com) is under development but has an excellent foundation. I’ll be glad when the forum’s version of this theme comes out. Good job guys.

  10. 10 Csar

    how do i inplement this to my dolphing 6 site? can anyone lend a hand?

    or maybe guide me to the place.?

  11. 11 WebMan

    here is the link to dolphin free template
    you need just upload the files to your dolphin template folder.

    also if you need any sort of work over the website you can ask us for a custom modification project.
    use our contact form for the purpose.

    good luck

  12. 12 Csar


    I’d installed the template successfully ..
    i even did a lil modifying to it.
    but the only thing i wanna do is change the nav_tab_bg.png
    navagation button,.. but it seems like theres three diferent td’s i have to modified .. is there a way just to make that into one section ? so i could just change the image and the whole navagation changes..

    sorry, this type of help is probably something i have to pay for huh?..
    Well wourth to try..=)

  13. 13 mac mccallum

    My site is for a Vietnam Veteran’s group, and I thought a color scheme that emulated the colors and textures of the Vietnam Memorial Wall would fit well—when I found your Dreamline template I saw that it perfectly suited my needs. I’m having trouble on my “News” page, the textareas do not display correctly in Firefox, OK in IE and Opera. Other than that, this “work in progress” is progressing nicely! Thanks…

  14. 14 Tim Roberts

    I downloaded the dreamline template (made minor modifications) and it works great. I did notice, in IE7 however if you add text to make the page go over a screen and you scroll up and down, the footer doesn’t always make it to the bottom of the screen. The template loses its structure. I noticed this same thing happens on your most recent template (lightline) right off the main screen. The thumdnails get cut off. Help?


  15. 15 Jรฉrome King

    Excellent template. I was able to implement my ideas with ease.
    Take a look at what it turned out to be at my website:

  16. 16 shane

    How come the the id logo header at the very top of the page shows up as all undercase lettering regardless of what is typed in the code? Can anyone help? Much appreciated,. thanks……….

  17. 17 WebMan

    How come the the id logo header at the very top of the page shows up as all undercase lettering regardless of what is typed in the code? Can anyone help? Much appreciated,. thanksโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.
    in style.css you need to find the declaration
    #logo h1 {

    and remove the line “text-transform:lowercase;” – this will make the word display the way you typed it.

  18. 18 Cody Erickson


    Everything is working great! Had to adjust the pixels for thumbnail size, but now that works great. Only problem i’m having now is i put a flash slideshow on my portfolio pages and it’s not showing up. When working from the harddrive it works perfectly, but when i upload to my hosting server and then view webpage via internet, the slideshows to do show (either IE or Firefox) any suggestions?


  19. 19 WebMan

    >>any suggestions?
    this is problem with flash slideshow not with the template.
    try to add the complite URL to the flash object not there set only /flashmo_026_photo_xml.swf

  20. 20 Rebecca

    As you can see by my website, I am considering this template for a new event we hold. I will ofcourse, leave all the credit to you and link at the bottom. I am currently working on changes, and one of the big things I want to change is to have a mouse over drop down style menu. If you go here, http://www.arthritisautoshow.com/ you can see our Ohio chapters website and their mouse over drop down menu. There is just so information i need to have easily accessible and I don’t want to overwhelm people with too many menu buttons. Is there any way you can walk me thru how to do this? If you could contact me at the email I provided I would like to speak more with you. Thanks so much.

  21. 21 Danny

    Is this Free Flash template good for Dolphin 6.1.4 ?

  22. 22 Ricky Rombo

    I’m just starting to implement it to my site: rickyrombo.co.nr (which I started implementing it to rickysgames.tk today) and I noticed that the cool effects didn’t show up. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do any of this (no css experience) but I managed to change what I needed to in the html code I think. I need to get to bed, I’ll probably check it out better in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still awesome and much better than the template I am using (not for long ๐Ÿ™‚ ) for the other pages ๐Ÿ™‚ even without the cool effects! ( like the tab look and the thingamadoohickey at the top ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  23. 23 Ricky Rombo


    Well I’ve only implemented it to rickysgames.tk but my site is focused around rickyrombo.co.nr (which will changed soon) I accidently double clicked the submit button last time and my message didn’t appear to work. Nice job on this template, but I was wondering if you could help me get it to reach its full potential. It doesn’t have some of the pics in it (not the thumbnails, the thing at the top and the tab looking things.)

  24. 24 Ricky Rombo

    Sorry. I just noticed that it DID work and now I am going to bother you a THIRD time – well I got most of it working, now I just can’t get db_first_bg and db_second_bg to appear for some unkown reason.

  25. 25 Ricky Rombo


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