Nowadays different kind of Community websites like “Myspace”, “FaceBook”, “Hi5” and so forth are very popular. These websites do millions of $ every months and almost everyone want to be a part of this movement and take own piece of pie. Tons of people create own websites every day, make social or dating websites in hope to earn BIG money… Some of them hire freelancers to make those websites and some just download Community Scripts and use them on their servers!

I decided to make small overview of present most popular community scripts to tell about their good and bad parts.


Phpbb – fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source script. PhpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel. It’s based on the PHP language and supports MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access/ODBC database servers.

What is even better it’s absolutely free.

Support is provided by community.

Installation is very simple.


vBulletin – powerful, scalable and fully customizable forum script. It uses PHP and MySQL.


Invision Power Board – is one of the world’s leading providers of community solutions.

Also uses PHP and MySQL.


WordPress – WordPress is an awesome blogging platform. It has advanced module system and has tons of additional modules on the website. WordPress has advanced template system and it’s simply Blog script leader and it’s FREE!

Support is provided by community.

One step installation – very easy.


All in one this is sort of portals like “Myspace” – that has forums, blogs, photo galleries, chats and many more.


Dolphin – community software that allows to start a on-line community web site. It uses PHP, MySQL

and own template engine . It has own flash chat, forums, blogs and more. All these are free.

Dolphin script is free, good but has poor module support. It’s pretty difficult to install any 3-rd party script like phpBB instead of its default forum script (the same with chat, blog etc).

Functionality is poorly separated from Design.

Support provided by community.

It’s one of the best free scripts of that class.


AbleDating – AJAX – PHP -MySQL. This is not free but pretty advanced CMS that has many modules and ton’s of good layouts. Since this script is not FREE I can tell nothing about its module system or template engine.. Sorry


osDAte – it’s another Free community script (PHP+MySQL). osDate uses smart template engine, which loads pages really fast and has good separation of Functionality and Design. While it’s based on classes it can be extended with additional modules easily. Also this script has some integration modules with other 3-rd party scripts.