We are pleased to introduce our first 7 minute screen cast – “Dolphin 6 installtion“.

This screencast will guide you through all steps of Dolphin community script installation process.

Dolphin installation has quite many steps and requires a lot of information to be filled in compare to Drupal or WordPress installation and we think that many people might get depressed about it when trying to install Dolphin community for the first time.

FDW team decided to show how Dolphin installation can be easy and… hm… what else to say? Enjoy the tour and let us know if you notice any errors or not clear definitions during the guide.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Enjoy learning!

You can Download the screencast –

Download: Dolphin 6 installation screencast  Dolphin 6 installation screencast (25.1 MiB, 2,986 Downloads)

2 Responses to “Dolphin 6 installation screencast”

  1. 1 Nike

    I belive you skipped the whole part where you set the permissions for the files? Cause you can’t just click on “check”!

    Why did you do that? That’s the step i needed help with. I’ve tried setting the permissions using FileZilla but it doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. 2 WebMan

    we have removed this part becouse there is many other manuals on the Internet about setting permissions. As to your problem i can advice you to try another FTP client i’m using WinSCP. also you can ask your hosting to set permissions. permissions not a big deal.

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