Glow Preloader Animations Pack

Interactive loading animations demo

Please take a look and see all 5 glowing preloaders in actions in interactive sample below.
Click on each animation icon at the bottom section to switch to a proper preloader demonstration.
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Cutomers about this animation pack

Here is what users say about glow preloaders:

– These are new, professional, styled and interesting flash animations!
– Cool and glowing flash preloaders, easily customized!
– Good implementation of loading indicators in flash animations. Some nice animation ideas!
– Flash progress animations I was just looking for. Easy to use!

Content of Flash Glow Preloaders Pack

This animation pack includes 5 high quality flash preloaders animation. Each loading activity indicator is designed in glowing style. All preloaders use flash vector graphics which makes then simply customizable – you may easily change any colors of animation items or text to suit the colors of your website or web application.


  1. Spiral comet animation
  2. Aqua buttons progress animation
  3. Glowing solid progress
  4. Let’s bubble preloader
  5. Boomerang from Star Wars

Each loading indicator includes post preloading animation, which is quickly played when loading is completed and brings nice effect before loaded data appears.

How to use.

Animations included in the pack already contain actionscript code to show loading progress of main flash document loading. So, you will be able just put an instance of any preloader to the first frame of your flash application and that’s it. Preloaders will take care of loading progress calculation in a nice animated way.

In case if you would like to use these preloaders to indicate a progress of external file loading (whether when loading another swf or image) we would recommend trying our free preloader component, which will let you play any animation while loading external file with no code at all

Order and Download.

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