Free Flash Preloader Component

Free Flash Preloader Component

Our new project is – Free flash preloader component. on you could download free flash preloder component and find new designs.

We offer a free flash preloader component for anyone to implement nice preloaders in flash applications with ease. This component might be used in both actionscript code and at the timeline.


  • Load any images or swf files by simply dropping the Preloader component on the stage and specifying the path.
  • Skins support – you may use any flash animation as loading indicator. Flash preloader component will play it while loading an external objects.
  • Resize upon loading – this feature allows resizing the loaded image or swf to the proper dimension.
  • Target selection – the loaded object might be loaded to a specified target or instead of the preloader component, if no target specified.
  • ActionScript events and API to interact with the preloader.

Interactive example.

This is a simple image gallery created with the features of preloader component. Cube animation is a default preloader skin, but you may use any animation instead by just specifying the linkage id. Loading text with a percentage information is updated in ‘progressStatus’ event handler. You may download the source .fla file of this sample below.

[SWF], 550 , 450 [/SWF]


Preloader component is provided in a form of MXP package and you will need Adobe Extension Manager to install it. Probably, it has been already installed on your computer along with Flash, but you may also download it from Adobe if it has not.

When downloaded, FDWPreloader.mxp should be launched and Preloader component will be installed into Flash Components Panel. Remember to close Flash when installing the component.


You may download flash preloader component installation package and source fla of interactive image gallery sample .


You may check Preloader Component documentation online or download itit.


Free flash preloader component was built in Flash CS3 with ActionScript 2. We are expecting to publish ActionScript 3 version of the preloader soon.

Loading Animations.

In case if you need a loading animation for your application, please check our professional glow preloaders animations or basic preloaders animations pack with 33 ready-to-use animations included.