We offer a pack of flash animations, which might be used as preloaders in your flash movies or applications.

This Flash preloaders pack includes 33 different animations. Some are widely used animations such as Mac loading indicator or clockwise bubble animation, another are new concepts. We believe the styles of flash preloaders will fit any kind of Flash applications. If they don’t, let us know and we will create one for you.

All of the animations are vector flash graphics, so once you have a source, you will be able to modify any colors of the preloaders to be tuned with your website’s or application’s style.


This pack includes:

  • Circular animations
  • Progress animations
  • Bubble animations
  • Spinning animations
  • Complex animations
  • Show-and-hide animations
  • Cycled animations
  • Loading animations

Below you may see all the animations:

This movie requires Flash Player 8


You may order a source fla file of these nice flash preloaders right now for only $19.95. Click here to proceed with order.

How to use.

Take a look at free flash preloader component, which will let you to implement whole preloader functionality in your flash document with no actionscript code needed. Simply choose a target, a source and flash animation to display while loading and it will function just well. Note, all of the animations contained in Flash Preloaders Animation Pack are already optimized for our flash preloader component.

More flash preloader animations.

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8 Responses to “Flash preloaders animations pack”

  1. 1 Armen

    Where can I order the source fla files of the flash preoloaders in the Flash preloaders animations pack ?

  2. 2 Paul


    The article has been updated with order information. The price for this pack of 33 animations is just $19.95. Feel free to contact us about any concers.

  3. 3 Darius W. Loyd

    How would you like to generously supply the Ola High School FBLA with your Flash Preloader animation pack. We are currently constructing a website for the OHS Phi Beta Lambda alumni and it would be of our best interest to have the preloader animation package you can provide at our convience. Contact me at darius_loyd@yahoo.com or either my advisor Deborah Gilliam at deborah.gilliam@henry.k12.ga.us. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

    P.S. If you comply the package would be used on our school servor and not for personal use.

  4. 4 Rick

    I went to buy the animations, but you are taking the piss. You say you want $19.95 which I was fine with, but when you check out it charges 3.85 for an ‘extended download’ fee which you cannot opt out of, then another $3.50 surcharge. come on man, seriously.

  5. 5 WebMan

    sorry for the trouble! but this thing is added automatically by SWREG.org you can disable it anytime when you are on checkout page. this is just to make you more secure and provide additional garantii for that 3.5$

  6. 6 Slash

    Go to this link to download the fla for free: http://preloaderz.com/design/free-preloader-animations/

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