Flash components and animations

Here you may find useful Flash/ActionScript components, which will greatly help in your Flash development and save a lot of time on implementation of basic features these components were specially designed for.

Free Flash Preloader for images and swfs.

flash preloader componentThis component implements the loading process for images or swf files.

With it you may load any external file into your movie without bothering about loading process handling. With this component you will be able to choose external file to be loaded, target movieclip (container) for the external file, flash animation to be displayed while data is loaded. Two types of animation playing is available. You may whether choose ‘progressive’ and animation will be played by frames till the end according to the loading progress. Or you may select ‘cyclic’ option and then animation will be played in cycle while your file is being loaded.

Download and read more about our free flash preloader component here…

Flash Preloader Animations Pack

flash preloaders animations packWe offer a pack of flash animations, which would be useful in any sort of flash applications or websites.

If you’re thinking of giving a nice look to your loading process or any activity indication, take a look and we’re sure you find the animation you really like.

Flash Preloaders Animation Pack contains 33 different animations. Each animation is a pure flash vector graphics and you will be able to select the proper colors for the preloader to look just in-style with your website or flash application.

Take a look at the animations and read more about them >>

Glow preloaders animations pack

Glow flash preloaders animationsAnother professional flash preloaders animations pack. Take a look and you will love these animations. They are nice, light and eye-catching.

Glowing style brings nice effect to the stage.

Interactive sample let you see the preloaders in action.

Cool addon to animations is included!

Check it out now!

Glow flash preloaders from FlashDaWeb >>>