Here you find some tips how to use All Dolphin SEO mod.

1- you need to buy modification on… and download zip file with all files.
2- in the zip file find Readme.txt with installtion instructions and some tips.

here is User manual for ALL Dolphin SEO.


I want to install All SEO , But It says I should contact you!?Please let me know what’s happened a.s.a.p!
We made this mod extremely easy to install. But still if someone is afraid of touching the code in we can install this mod for free. But you can do install it yourself it’s easy. All installtion instructions are in the REamd ME file.

Also I noticed that Metatags are not in other pages than homepage!?
Actually meta tags generated automatically on Photo, event, ad , video etc pages .
Having the same Meta for all pages is very bad for SEO that’s why our plugin generates unique Meta tags.

example of pages where meta tags generated automatically.

1 – Profile page
2 – Photo
3 – Video
4 –Music
5 – Group
6 – User Blog
7 – Blog Post
8 – Event
9 –Article Page
All pages with auto meta generation is the most important pages for website users and SEO.
more content you have on the pages more users come from Search engines.

In next version of SEO plugin we will make option to ser meta tags for website sections like blogs – photos – videos.. so this will reduce problem with the same metas everywhere – will be just metas for website parts.. blogs events.. etc..

i applied this mod for all the tags to be changed. a few days later noticed a huge drop in google, now i dont even show up for my regular keywords. is this something temporary because of the massive meta tag changes.
Google sees that your titles and metas has been changed and starts reindexation of your website. For this period you may lose some part of Google and other SE traffic. When Google is finished and your website will appear in its index your position will be fine and you should have even more traffic from Search engines. But remember more content you have on website more traffic you will have from Search engines.

How to use transliteration option in All SEO???

Transliteration Domo
OK! Transliteration in a new feature added in All SEO V1.2. this should help Dolphin website owners to get better urls for blogs, events and many other pages if users use characters like (方式 , بي ,ż ź ółą , яфы, etc ). there is now an option in admin ALL seo for Transliteration.

in the image you see how you set options for transliteration on your language.

я=>ja ю=>ju ё=>jo ж=>zh ż=>z ź=>z ó=>o ł=>l ą=>a

urls will be automatically transliterated using this rules. я will be replaced with ja and ą will be replaced with a
This will work only for new content that users add after All SEO installtion. All urls of images, blogs, events etc that was uploaded by your users will be the same as used to be. There no need to worry about you indexed pages.
BUT one thing.
in your admin you should have UTF8 characters encoding to make it work right.

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  1. 1 Micha

    It is a great tool I have a polish Dolphin Site and this tool translats the Url from polish haracters into normal like ó into o. This is very usefull because boonex cut the url if there is a foreign charset. Not so good for SEO. But with this tool is everything OK. So zou can have all zou important keywords with foreign charsets in the URL if you like zou can take a look on

    Respect, this is the best Boonex SEO Tool!

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