All Dolphin SEO Plugin modification

All Dolphin SEO Plugin modification

New Version for dolphin 7 will be ready on 10 august 2010!

Flashdaweb Team proudly releases plugin that is going to change the world of Dolphin CMS.
We have been working hard and finally made All Dolphin SEO Plugin! Yahooo!!! or should we say Googly-y-y-y!!

This is a “must to have” plugin for those who has dolphin CMS installed and want all pages to be optimized for Search Engines. Also this Plugin is not just about SEO, plugin adds more sense to dolphin and it’s usability and help to build own brand.

Demo Available here

FAQ and Docs here

On demo website you can check the title of pages and meta tag auto generator. You can compare titles to default dolphin installtion on

Take ithere

HEAD Manager (added in v1.5) – Now admin can override any page Title and META Tags. This Manager makes website SEO flexible as never before.

Robot.txt (added in v1.5) – Default Dolphin has too many duplicate content isueses and this is not good for SEO of the website. This small file make indexing of the website more logical and fix duplicate content problems. Get more from SEO!

Sitewide META Keywords (added in v1.2) – not all pages used auto Meta tags generation – now you can use default Dolphin meta tags System on this pages.
Pages are: Browse, Search, browse Groups, Browse blogs.

URL transliteration (added in v1.2) – dolphin use only english letters and all the rest are removed from url. This could be the problem for many languages such as : Russian, Chinese, German, etc.
With this option you can use translish settings for your own langeage and set translit rules.
more information about transliteration option
Transliteration Domo

New TITLE Tags – First and the most important feature of the Dolphin SEO Plugin is new title tags generation system. We made this more friendly for Search engines and website users.

Dolphin CMS Titles with and without Dolphin SEO:
without – name_of_photo
with – name_of_photo | Photos | your_website_brand
without – post_name
with – post_name | Author_name’s Blog | your_website_brand
without – Offer Details
with – ads_title | Offer Details | your_website_brand
without – Events
with – event_name | Events | your_website_brand

your_website_brand – is the last part of title on every website, you can change it the way you like. This helps to build own website brand and lets users and SE know where they are now.
your_website_brand could be just a domain name ( or a tag line (Single Webdevelopers community).

Title Separator – All SEO plugin has an option in admin panel which allows changing the Title tag separator symbol, so site owner can control it.

Examples of title separators

event_name | Events | your_website_brand
event_name >> Events >> your_website_brand
event_name > Events > your_website_brand
event_name – Events – your_website_brand
event_name : Events : your_website_brand
event_name :: Events :: your_website_brand
event_name / Events / your_website_brand
event_name \ Events \ your_website_brand
event_name — Events — your_website_brand
event_name | Events | your_website_brand

Choose one and use it on your whole website.
We recommend to use ” | ” separator, as our team likes it 😉

Important HOME Page – Home (Index) page of any website is the most important page and in ALL SEO plugin we have added option for Home page Title, META Description and META keywords. In admin panel you can control this for home page and set TITLE or META Tags they way you like. They are unique for the page.

Meta Tags – new system Automatically generate META tags for most important pages ,such as Profile page, blog post, event, ad , photo, video, Group ,and articles.
How it works: lets say Photo page has a description of photo and tags.. so META description tag will be photo description and META keywords will be photo tags. The same way for other pages.
Also in admin page you’ll be able to set maximum number of symbols for Meta Tags.

If you need any new feature please leave a comment and who know maybe your idea will be included in next release

Admin screenshots.

all seo plugin for dolphin

all SEO plugin for Dolphin CMS

all seo plugin for dolphin CMS

Vesrion history

  • v 1.5 –
    1. added SEO Tool – HEAD Manager – override any page Title or META Dolphin website.
    2. Robot.txt –  duplicate content problem fix for Dolphin based websites.
    3. New menu in admin.
    4. NOW! available for Dolphin from v6.0.1 to v6.1.4
  • v 1.2 –
    a – added option to use default website meta tags on pages wihout auto Meta tags generatior.
    b – added transliteration option for Userfrienly URLs.
    c – some othe minor chages and fixes
  • v 1.1 – MetaTAgs generation improvements+ installation manual changes
  • v 1.0 – Release