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Database error in Dolphin CMS and max_user_connections problem fix

png-symbol-error-256x256For the past 3 days we have had lots of Database error in our Dolphin DEMO.

Error is
Database error in Dolphin Demo
Mysql error:
User flashdaw_d603 has already more than ‘max_user_connections‘ active connections

Called script: /demo/dolphin/d61/guestbook.php

Request parameters:

We have contacted hosting company but they said all setting are the same and we need to switch plan to get more max_user_connections number.

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Spicynodes sitemap – first steps. Introduction.

Hi there.

Today we will do our first steps toward SpicyNodes technology – it offers new, interactive and very interesting navigation for any sort of data.

The very first steps we’ve done are:

  1. Registering at
  2. Choosing the visual style for the nodemap
  3. Creating nodemaps – for this time we’ve got very simple structure of home+all top level pages sitemap
  4. Publishing it.

And here is the result. Try clicking the nodes to navigate through the sitemap 😉

Valentine’s day Dolphin template

romantic dolphin cms template
Soon is the Valentine’s Day and special for the day we made Romantic template for Dolphin CMS. We tried to make really romantic template for community driven by love or just a template for 14 February. This template has some really cool features like transparent background and really interesting way of displaying stuff. Also we have tested this template in Crome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and IE6, IE7, IE8 and some other browsers.
and I tell you that we did a really good job. We love this template and hope it will be useful for you

Here is the Link to Valentine Dolphin template page
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Where submit or download XHTML templates

xhtmlYou created new XHTML template?! Looking for the place to submit it!? Want 1000 000 download of your template and many back links to your website?!

Good idea and if you made something very stylish and nice then many people going to download your template and use it on their websites.

We have made few free XHTML templates and now would like to share with you our experience in this field.

Places where you can submit your XHTNL templates:

Lets take as an example our template Dreamline XHTML template and talk about websites and how many download it has. – (Dreamline – 26517 downloads, PR-6, Alexa -16 790) -Nice Web 2.0 website with many different Template XHTML, WordPress, MySpace etc. Pretty popular website and you really could get many downloads from there.  Template approved with in two weeks. – (Dreamline about 3000 downloads, Pr-7, Alexa – 57 079) – I like this website and know some admins. Website has only XHTML Templates and if you have really nice one then you will get many Downloads. Google PR of the  website is 7 (bigger then but Alexa rank is less so this means that less people are walking around this website. Template approved with in a week. Continue reading ‘Where submit or download XHTML templates’

What is Website Duplicate Content and how to avoid problems

duplicate content

Most of website in the internet has problems with the Duplicate content issue. This websites are built by CMS or a webmasters that create a Duplicate content and do not know what is that.

Duplicate content – when content of a page are more then on 1 website or on many pages of a website. It’s better to explain using example.
Let’s take Boonex Dolphin CMS and its real demo website I’ll show you all about Double content using this demo website.

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