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Great Textures website

Hi there,
Just wanted to share the great website to go to when looking for an outstanding texture images.
For example like these ones:

Texturion 1

Texturion 2

Check out this website for more great graphics:

Twitter + Actionscript = Great Contest. Take Your Chance in 140 Characters of AS3

Twitter and ActionScript – what a sweet couple 🙂

This is a nice type of contest idea. I find it to be pretty interesting and challenging!

Get your ActionScript coding skills and creativity ready and try to win Adobe Flash CS4 from

The Contest rules.

In summary, you should create some cool stuff with just 140 chars of ActionScript code. 140 chars is limit of Twitter and you should submit your entries through Twitter! Get involved and let me know if you created an interesting implmentaton.

Read more on official contest page here.

Who can participate in this ActionScript contest?
Anyone can, at least this is what the authors say.

A copy of Flash CS4, provided by almighty Adobe 😉

Well, I think that’s time for some short and compact AS3 coding!

Good luck!

Happy one and half years Birthday to us!

Hi there!

I’m glad to say that today is 1.5 years anniversary of project. Happy Birthday to all!!!

What did we reach after 1.5 year, well we are proud to have google page rank 5!

We have published a number of popular tutorial, free xhtml|Wordpress|Dolphin templates, which we hope you enjoy reading and using

For the last month we have over 11000 visitors.

We have made 57 posts on our blog (including this one) and have received 548 comments

There is something to be proud of, and we really are!

Thank you for visiting us. You  are always welcome to leave your feedback or comment. We are glad that we could create interesting and useful web resource for you. Let us know what might be missing and we will try to cover any possible gap.

Best wishes to you!

Faithfully yours,

FlashDaWeb Team

Flashdaweb is Contributing to Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine


You can contribute too!!!

I’m proud to inform our readers that already three issues of Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine include articles and tutorials from FlashDaWeb team.

FFD magazine is constructed from Tutorials and Articles written by different Flash and Flex specialists in exchange for an issue of the magazine. Hence, if you have any thoughts or ideas about Flash and Flex which you would like to write about, go ahead and contribute! They welcome any author with any idea. Challenge yourself and be rewarded with your name printed in a title of a good paper and online magazine about the technology!

First issues contained very interesting articles and information, and I would recommend checking this mag out one day.

Also you may download the latest issue online from Flash and Flex magazine website. Click here to download pdf version of FFD, issue #1, 2009

Let me know how it goes! All the best to good beginning of FFD mag!

Free Dreamline WordPress Theme’s Available

Hello!! Nice day and nice news. We have released our first free WordPress theme and its name is Dreamline.
This theme is based on our popular free XHTML template. We already have this template implemented for Dolphin CMS and now it’s time for WordPress.

Why WordPress? – Hm! Our team really loves this Blog CMS, its powerful features and modules etc. We’ve been working with this CMS for many years and would like to share with people and help them to get nice WordPress themes for their blogs. Flashdaweb is powered by WordPress! Continue reading ‘Free Dreamline WordPress Theme’s Available’