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Adobe Flash: Web Design Wonder or a Flash Menu for Disaster?

Adobe Flash: Web Design Wonder or a Flash Menu for Disaster?

flash logoAdobe Flash is a truly amazing innovation, even after more than a decade Adobe Flash is a software platform for multimedia content. It was originally created by Jonathan Gay as a project known as Future Splash Animator. When Disney Studios and MSN got interested in using it for their websites, this pricked the awareness of Macromedia who were already developing their Director software. Macromedia bought out Jonathan Gay’s parent company and the software was rebadged under the title of Macromedia Flash 1.0.

Currently, it is under the wing of Adobe Systems. Ever since its introduction, Adobe Flash has enjoyed tremendous popularity as an essential tool for adding animation and interactivity to web pages. It is increasingly being used for a growing variety of website related tasks such as Flash menus. These include; adding animation, advertisements, and widgets and integrating video into web pages.

The specialty of this application is that it can manipulate both vector and raster graphics and it supports bi-directional streaming of audio and video. This makes it extremely easy to embed animation, interactive movies and virtual tours on web sites, which would previously not have been possible. In the hands of an experienced web designer, Flash can lend a slick and professional look to all kinds of web sites.
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Implementing Skins for Flash Components (ActionScript3)


Skins. What are they?

Many people have been familiarized with a term ‘skin’ through WinAmp music player or Windows Media Player from Microsoft. Skins are the styles, which user can simply change to give the application or control or webpage a definitely new look and feel. Currently skins are widely used as in software development and also for web resources. WordPress or Drupal template is nothing else but a skin for a web-site.

That’s not a secret, that there are as many preferences in colors/shapes/sizes/locations as people on the Earth. And nowadays, when competitors are struggling with each other to attract customers’ attention to their product, a possibility to allow a customer to customize the look and feel of everything by his own taste gives an advantage to those, who provide such a feature. You may select you favorite theme of the message board you visit, choose the colors for your Instant Messenger and of course can tune your desktop. In general, all this is about skins.

Flash websites and flash applications are also subject to the skinning tendency. And in this article I will explain some techniques you may use to skin your flash objects. Continue reading ‘Implementing Skins for Flash Components (ActionScript3)’

Spicynodes sitemap – first steps. Introduction.

Hi there.

Today we will do our first steps toward SpicyNodes technology – it offers new, interactive and very interesting navigation for any sort of data.

The very first steps we’ve done are:

  1. Registering at
  2. Choosing the visual style for the nodemap
  3. Creating nodemaps – for this time we’ve got very simple structure of home+all top level pages sitemap
  4. Publishing it.

And here is the result. Try clicking the nodes to navigate through the sitemap 😉

Tracking statistics of your Flash-driven website

I just want to make sure that all of our readers are aware of the great free component from Google, which enables you to track events in your flash application without any hacks, javascript workarounds or anything else. Please welcome, gaforflash, Google Analytics Tracking For Adobe Flash

Tracking statistics of your Flash-driven website might be simple!

Here you may find step by step installation and usage guide from resource.

Now you are enabled to know more about your online users with ease and comfort of stats tracking in Google Analytics style.

Integrate Google Analytics today and don’t miss a chance to improve your Flash/Flex appliaction with detailed information about your visitors.

Compile Flash ActionScript 3 online

Did you have such situations when you need quickly check some piece of ActionScript code but don’t have Flash installed or just don’t want launch IDE for some quick builds?

I did, especially when answering at forums, where different questions are illustrated with ActionScript code.

Well, today I found quite interesting tool, which allows compiling ActionScript3 code online!!!

Please welcome WonderFL!

compile actionscript online

I’ve played a little with WonderFL and it turned out to be pretty nice tool. Yet a lot to work on but nice 😉

Not that I can imagine programming serious projects online – but still, idea seems to be really interesting.

Take a look and I know you will enjoy compiling your ActionScript code online, even in such development environment as WonderFL.