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How to start your own online store without hiring a webmaster

Hi there follow business owner, do you have the goods to sell and plan to launch your website to sell them online?
If so, then you might be not really sure and even concerned about online payments processing and a whole online business model.

How to accept payments online? What to do to protect yourself from frauds? What methods of payments to offer to your visitors? Those are the questions everyone should ask when considering to work in e-commerce business direction.

E-Commerce stands for “electronic commerce” and implies the techniques and methods to sell your products through online shop.

There are few ways you can choose to get you online store running:

  1. Hire a webmaster and pay him for building e-commerce website for you
  2. Buy ready-to-use shop and become a part of such networks like Amazon or Ebay
  3. Purchase a professional service from e-commerce service providers
  4. Build the website yourself

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