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Adobe Flash: Web Design Wonder or a Flash Menu for Disaster?

Adobe Flash: Web Design Wonder or a Flash Menu for Disaster?

flash logoAdobe Flash is a truly amazing innovation, even after more than a decade Adobe Flash is a software platform for multimedia content. It was originally created by Jonathan Gay as a project known as Future Splash Animator. When Disney Studios and MSN got interested in using it for their websites, this pricked the awareness of Macromedia who were already developing their Director software. Macromedia bought out Jonathan Gay’s parent company and the software was rebadged under the title of Macromedia Flash 1.0.

Currently, it is under the wing of Adobe Systems. Ever since its introduction, Adobe Flash has enjoyed tremendous popularity as an essential tool for adding animation and interactivity to web pages. It is increasingly being used for a growing variety of website related tasks such as Flash menus. These include; adding animation, advertisements, and widgets and integrating video into web pages.

The specialty of this application is that it can manipulate both vector and raster graphics and it supports bi-directional streaming of audio and video. This makes it extremely easy to embed animation, interactive movies and virtual tours on web sites, which would previously not have been possible. In the hands of an experienced web designer, Flash can lend a slick and professional look to all kinds of web sites.
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Earn money with co-registration program (coreg path)

Earn money with coreg pathIn this article I will tell about another interesting way to earn money on your website – coreg path. This name stands for co-registration path and represents the chain (path) of per-per-lead offers, which your user is asked to fill and submit.

The path of offers?! – you would think 🙂 Yes, indeed, the path made out of advertisers offers it is. This path is usually shown after your own registration form, that is why it has a name of ‘co-registration‘. This is pretty much new monetization strategy.

How does coreg path work?

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Top 5 Website Monetization Strategies

website monetization strategies

I would like to offer my list of 5 top beneficial monetization strategies for websites, which we are successfully using here on flashdaweb.

Website monetization strategy #1. Sell links on your website.

That might sound not very serious to someone who is just launching their own website or blog, but for me it turns out to be most profitable scenario of getting money from your website. As you may know, gained Google Page Rank 6 almost a year ago, and that allowed us to sell links on our homepage for quite a good price. For some reason, the websites, who were interested in buying the permanent links at our PR6 homepage are casino websites.
Page Rank 6 allowed us to offer a well-priced service of hosting a single link on our home page at $600/year terms. And it pretty well covered hosting cost as well as other website related maintenance expenses leaving a good margin of income 😉
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