Dolphin 7 first impression

527600Few days ago has made a public demo of Dolphin 7 alpha version.

here it’s
We reviewed it and here is some ideas we have about new dolphin 7.
First of all new design and structure of website is clear, the way new dolphin handle menu system is much better now. New dolphin 7 is more usable and easier for users to use it, navigate and find stuff.
New version has many new features, some of them are working now some does not but still there will be more betas and RC versions to dig dipper.
New dolphin looks very similar to Boonex unity with all features and design. This is not bad and not good this is just the way they did it.  I like it actually.
There were many talks about modular structure of all Dolphin to make it easier to use by developers and made really cool modules like for in WordPress or Drupal CMS. Everything in one folder and this opens great opportunity for CSM and developers. As new version of Joomla was big step for the CMS hope new dolphin would be big step for all community of Dolphin lovers, owners and developers.

Unfortunately I could not look into the code of new dolphin and tell my ideas of what is good and what is not. But I’ll do it the same day I could download new dolphin 7 and install it.

If send me a copy of dolphin 7 to e-mail that would be great and I’d tell my ideas about it to everyone.
What I dislike in new dolphin 7:

  1. When you click on a user thumb to get to his profile you have a float menu with some links to send him a message, be friends and other stuff. So to see user’s profile you need to click twice on the profile link and then in float menu again on the link.  I think this menu should be made on mouse over not on Click or completely removed.
  2. There is still “Looking For: Man, Woman” thing. This is more like Dating website feature and I think still cannot get rid of AEDating ideas.
  3. Too many JavaScript in <HEAD> Tag. There are about 20 JavaScript files included on each page. This make pages loading take more time and not so good. I think that 1 or 3 files are ok but 20 are too much for default website. Hope going to fix it in feature and make all JS in few files instead of 20.  Also there is some JS code in the page <Head> tag. It’s better to put this code into a single file.
  4. Too many CSS files for a page – the same story as with JS files.  For example profile page has these CSS files included – general.css, anchor.css, BxCssMenu2.css, profile_view.css, post.css, view.css, cmts.css, main.css ( 8 files ). I’d use less CSS files in page loading too.
  5. The same SEO problem as with Dolphin 6.  Our team thinks that without SEO and user-friendly structure any CMS will not give much effect for website owner. On other hand our team will made even cooler All SEO Mod and help website owners to fix this problem.
  6. Too big <HEAD> part – about 150 lines before <body> of the page starts. This is not good for SEO and page loading.

Hope fix things in <HEAD> and made really cool product.

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  1. 1 Jason

    I personaly think that yes, there are way more files than there should be.
    It does cut the loading time on your site but also makes it that much more to work with when modifying the files.

    In the D-7 version, i think there has been many changes made and gives the end user a much better experience with the modules that have been intergrated.
    The layout, navigation experience is alot better than the previous versions.
    With the mouse click event on the profile photo should be on a mouse over for sure.
    I also think the bottom bar could be more like a facebook style bar…smaller in height with not such a big border and have it go across the entire’s too bulky the way it is but absolutely love the idea and the functionality of it.

    D-7 will be much more user friendly then the previous versions…with maybe a little work getting to know your way around 😉

  2. 2 scott

    Yup I just tested the Dolphin beta test and yes IT LOADS TOO SLOW… I found a way better Social Network that has the same features and Yes NONE Of these Dating words like man seeking woman crap! we want a strict social network only no dating words.
    Again I found a very good open source social network software. Way better than dolphin 7. Again boonex remove dating words and have a way for us add more categories.

  3. 3 WebMan

    >>bottom bar could be more like a facebook style bar

    Yes this would make website look more solid as now this elementh is complitely out of all other D7 design.

    Also playing more with dolphin I think now it has even more features and it’s pretty hard to find out how to use them. Yes dolphin has much more features than any other CMS of a kind but if users do not anderstand how to use it then it’s useless. There are many other things I do not like and think it should be done on a different way but it’s just Alpha version and let’s wait for the final one.

  4. 4 WebMan

    I’ll post Dolphin 7 problems in comments you can help me and do the same. I Hope Boonex team also read this blog and take all notes here into consideration.

    URL handling feature of dolphin 7

    Ads –
    Sites –

    As you see here in urls parts like  “dolphin7a/m/sites/”  – “/m/” – means module
    Also “dolphin7a/modules/boonex/ads/classifieds.php?Browse=1” – where “modules/boonex/ads/” -the path to module.

    I do not like the way Dolphin uses URL and modules.

    Everyone needs clear urls like

    Ads –
    Sites –



  5. 5 gabriel

    where do I download the new version 7 a dolphin? send me a link.

  6. 6 Daniel

    To Scott  “I found a way better Social Network that has the same features”
    What is it?

  7. 7 Fan

    So whats that link again?
    For dolphin 7, i wish to test it anyway so if anyone has link to download trial please?

    and Daniel whats that better social network?

  8. 8 WebMan

    FDW team would like to get the demo copy of dolphin 7 to test it.
    if boonex would be so king to give us the link to download we would be more then happy. also anyone who has it could send it to our e-mail.

  9. 9 Jesse Techno

    To all!

    What is the other SS!!!!?!??!??!  I need one by July 4th!  WHAT IS IT PLEASE!!!

  10. 10 Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu

    Pls send us how can we download this dolphin’s new version?
    Thanks your advice in advance.

  11. 11 EgyCheETah

    no really i like it all it’s amazing with just some bugs

  12. 12 Phillip

    Thats all fine and good but what new functions does D7 have that D6 doesnt ?

  13. 13 Keith

    almost every other Social community script is better than Dolphin really, dolphin is ruined by the supposed FREE script but they charge you a fortune for every little mod you want and again to remove there ads, it is a scam in my opinion that on top of all the problems mentioned above whcih drag the script down and make it a fancy dating script. For people wanting better, cheaper social networking scripts there is a few out there.

    DZIOC Handshakes

    to name a few… 🙂

  14. 14 Nkzle

    I’m using D-6 and testing D-7 on a local server and well for the most part it’s a big improvement. I had a few issues with installing (mostly my fault) and i did run a across a few bugs that’s already been addressed but as stated before, major improvement. They cutout the “include” url which KIND OF sucked because upon reinstalling i realized alot of my mods don’t work or it’s gonna take a good little while for me (cuz I’m a PHP noob) to re-write some stuff, but eh its no biggie, that’s why it’s only on a test local server =). I like the Facebook connect idea (about to test it actually), i just can’t use it on a local server so i’m uploading it to a spare online server to give the other features like Facebook connect a whirl. I’m also trying to integrate twitter so hopefully that won’t be to much of a headache with alot of the module improvements they made. Overall, in my opinion it’s still a beta that’s still being tested but ever since i ran across Boonex a few months back I’ve been hooked and they definitely helped me(without knowing it) with PHP and hard-coding. I’m definitely looking forward to the “finish” product but maybe (and hopefully) I’ll already have a full finished version of my own. =)

  15. 15 Jack Strawman

    The new Dolphin 7 has all the feature you can imagine. This script makes for a really top of the line dating or social networking site. Does it have any bugs? Absolutely. Nevertheless, even with these bugs it is still the best. Eventually, all these bugs will be worked out and this script will be even more amazing.

    Another great thing about dolphin 7 is all the other 3rd party modules, templates and extras you can buy to make your dating or social networking site more unique.

  16. 16 Jason Vanderstradden

    I think that Dolphin 7 is by far the most amazing software for social networking and dating to date. Other companies will now have to catch up.

  17. 17 Aaron

    Anyone got any ideas on how to replace that front page (including the two menu bars) directly with my own XHTML/CSS? I’m thinking if I just go into the template area and name mine the same as theirs, then replace them, that should work? I really dislike clunky navbars.

  18. 18 Dan


    The only thing that really annoys me so far in Dolphin 7 are the already mentioned SEO unfriendly /m/ in the URL when working with modules.

    It should be pretty simple to avoid this or provide the option to rewrite the URL for Boonex.

    Best regards
    Independent Antivirus Community

  19. 19 frdji70

    Dolphin 7 is a very advanced script. The only criticism I vai him too fast is the speed of updates.

    Finally my opinion.
    Once we adopt a dolphin 7, it is very easy to do what we want, with minimal handling.
    The only thing to remember is to make backups before any changes and gonna own.

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