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Flash and Actionscript performance optimization tips

Here are some tips for flash developers, which may help them to build flash application more effectively.

So far tips listed are:

  1. Cache your Vector images – increase performance
  2. Use onEnterFrame only when needed
  3. Make movie clips invisible when alpha = 0
  4. Embed only needed symbols or fonts

Take a look and make your flash preform better 😉 Continue reading ‘Flash and Actionscript performance optimization tips’

SEO modification for Dolphin CMS

Working with Dolphin CMS our team found problem with SEO in the script. Actually the problem is in dolphin TITLEs that you see in your browsers and which is the most important thing in SEO. Websites that is powered by Dolphin has different TITLE structures all over website and this results in lack of SEO and usability features.

Our team decided to make a modification or extension for dolphin to make it more friendly to search engines. We are curently working on this modification and you can add you comments with features you would like to have. Continue reading ‘SEO modification for Dolphin CMS’