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Orca forum CMS everything is open

Orca forum is a Boonex script that is integrated with Dolphin CMS by default – you can find it here (

Today, when playing with Orca, I found that it’s not really comfortable for dolphin members to use. I’ll explaine why.
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Please welcome, Adobe Flash Player 10 comes on stage.

I’m really excited to announce that Adobe Flash Player 10 is now available at Adobe website.

See FlashPlayer10 in action here

And download it from here

This release is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux and has a great number of new features and improvements:

  • Custom filters and effects
  • Support of new 3D features and effects introduced in Adobe Flash CS4
  • Improved drawing API
  • Advanced text support (Text Component ActionScript Library (TCAL) will coexist with old version of textfiled)
  • Dynamic sound generation (new low level access to loaded mp3 files!)
  • Enhanced hardware acceleration
  • Brand new feature of dynamic streaming

And much much more..

Don’t wait a moment, go and try new Adobe Flash Player 10 right now!

Mac style preloader in ActionScript3

Hi there,

I just wanted to share a nice AS3 class I found at steven sacks blog, which produce Mac style loading animation. You may find it interesting when implementing preloader in your AS3 application 😉

Sample swf

This movie requires Flash Player 8

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We recommend – Adobe Flash CS3 books.

I would like to offer three books, which I think will be really good to have for professional developers, who wants to get the best results of using Adobe Flash CS3.

First book is about general tips and tricks a professional should be familiar with when using Adobe Flash CS3 for any task.

Second book sheds more detailed light on building a website technique. The role and capabilities of Flash CS3 Professional to make a modern styled website are fully described.

Third book, which I suggest to readers, is about the most popular Flash application for the present moment – online audio and video sharing. This book has a number of valued highlights and I also recommend it to everyone to have at hand when working in this media field with Adobe Flash CS3.

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