Google Chrome vs FireFox

Google has released a new browser and its name is Google Chrome. Before I compare Chrome and FireFox, I need to say that I love Google and all its services like Google reader and Google docs, Gmail etc.

When I saw the news about new browser from Google I was so excited and downloaded it straightaway.

Now it’s time to tell you what I liked about it and what I did not.

Google chrome

Google chrome

Chrome does offer an innovative take on tabbed browsing, allowing you to detach and move tabs, shortcuts to access past searches and page visits, and a default page menu that lists your most-visited sites, but beyond those tweaks Google is offering the same promise for consumers that others web browsers are chasing; to experience the internet faster, safer, easier, and with more stability.

I’m not going to describe all features it has as you can find this information on Google Chrome home page, I’m going to tell what I liked about this browser.

  • The first thing that I like in new Chrome is a speed it loads – it loads much faster than any of my browsers (I do have IE7, FireFox3, Safari 3 installed).
  • Second one – I like the home page with most visited websites like in Opera. “Recent closed tabs” menu is also very helpful.
  • Third – I love Google minimalistic design in all products and I really like the design of the Chrome. It has really interesting UI features and really easy to use and browse webpages. You do not think about the browser you think and see only webpage, this is really cool. It’s sort of Web 2.0 style very light and user-friendly.
  • 4 – According to the test that was made by testers, Chrome deals with JavaScrips better and faster than any other browser. This fact is also a push to use Google Chrome. Looking forward to see what will be in a final version.

google chrome  2

google chrome

But! All is good but Google Chrome lucks tools for web developers. Now you can not do much with it and can only browse the WebPages. In this situation FireFox is a killer – it has tons of extensions for web developers and many Themes and other widgets that could be useful quite often. For now, Chrome is not so good with extensions and themes.

I looked into file structure and it seems that they have taken many ideas from FireFox. This means that making extensions and Themes should be easy in feature version of browse as now it’s pretty hard to be done.

I use FireFox for more than 5 years and I really love this browser with ability to make anything you want with it using extensions and themes.. I’m a pro developer and SEO specialist and without Firefox and its addons my live would be much harder.


By using FireFox and its addons you can make something very similar to Google Chrome.

For now, I think I’ll use FireFox with all addons and keep an eye on Chrome as I love the ideas and think that this browser has a very big feature.

I’d recommend you to install Google Chrome and try yourself.

7 Responses to “Google Chrome vs FireFox”

  1. 1 George Toms

    Google Chrome is really fast!

    Now I can sort 200,000 records inside of Browser (Chrome) just in 1 sec. (Faster than Microsoft Excel):

  2. 2 online research

    In my opinion chrome will hurt only firefox. IE users will continue to use it as it’s the only solution they have pre-installed on their PC when they bought it.

  3. 3 kp

    firefox is great. why didn’t google just work with firefox to improve, instead of come up with something brand new. google seems to be moving more towards MS.

  4. 4 WebMan

    Yep FireFox is great and they did a really good job in latest version but i think google now do lot’s of stuff in any IT field and even browser is a step to be stronger and do not pay money to FireFox and also they want to be stronger even in desctop software.

    i love google but now it’s more and more look like a young Microsoft.

  5. 5 online backgammon

    It is interesting to see if Chrome works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox, since isn’t IE, then i’ll use it. But firefox is unmatchable.

  6. 6 communication skills

    I think google chrome rocks speedwise and performance wise better than any other browser.

  7. 7 iTech

    If you are not a web developer or software developer Google Chrome is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s not hard to beat IE and Firefox has beat IE for eons. Firefox will always have my full vote but I’m a developer and Nothing beats Firefox.

    Another geek with an opinion to share.

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