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SpicyNodes – new flash-based technology for your website

spicynodesJust want to share a new interesting flash technology I have recently met. This is SpicyNodes.

Did you ever think about an alternative way to browse information on your website? Guys at Spicynodes did that for you. What they offer is a new and really intuitive way to navigate in the information sea.

Here are several online examples:

All of the above are built with SpicyNodes technology. SpicyNodes is brand new thing everyone should try. It will support all popular CMSs, so you may design your sitemap or index page in a similar cool way. Soon they will launch a public beta testing and I encourage you to participate. Subscribe today at and be among the firsts to try this technology out.

Flash preloader component v1.2 released

free flash preloader componentA new version of Flash preloader component is released.

We’ve added new features as resizing of loaded images.

ActionScript documentation is now available.

Preloader component became more simple to install as Adobe Extension

Download, see a sample, read the docs and use it for your pleasure. Check new flash preloader component page here >>>.

Free Dreamline WordPress Theme’s Available

Hello!! Nice day and nice news. We have released our first free WordPress theme and its name is Dreamline.
This theme is based on our popular free XHTML template. We already have this template implemented for Dolphin CMS and now it’s time for WordPress.

Why WordPress? – Hm! Our team really loves this Blog CMS, its powerful features and modules etc. We’ve been working with this CMS for many years and would like to share with people and help them to get nice WordPress themes for their blogs. Flashdaweb is powered by WordPress! Continue reading ‘Free Dreamline WordPress Theme’s Available’

New free web 2.0 xhtml template

Finally, we have finished our new design. We’ve named it Web 2.0 template. Some good ideas were implemented in this design and XHTML template.

We like web 2.0 style a lot and that’s why we made this template.

This template has 4 different boxes designs. A nice feature is that rounded boxes look perfect in spite of the sizes.  With this template, website designers should not care about the widths and heights of the information boxes, but simply add a content and enjoy. Continue reading ‘New free web 2.0 xhtml template’

Google Chrome vs FireFox

Google has released a new browser and its name is Google Chrome. Before I compare Chrome and FireFox, I need to say that I love Google and all its services like Google reader and Google docs, Gmail etc.

When I saw the news about new browser from Google I was so excited and downloaded it straightaway.

Now it’s time to tell you what I liked about it and what I did not.

Continue reading ‘Google Chrome vs FireFox’