Dolphin 6.1 free – Visitors Counter modification

Flashdaweb team has released first modification for dolphin v6.1.


On this image you can see the idea of the modification it shows how many visitors now on your website.
We think this modification will be useful for many website that want to show realtime statistics.

Download: Dolphin v6.1 Visitors Counter modification  Dolphin v6.1 Visitors Counter modification (2.2 KiB, 4,578 Downloads)

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2 Responses to “Dolphin 6.1 free – Visitors Counter modification”

  1. 1 Justin

    Great job. I just installed it on 6.1.4 and it works perfect

  2. 2 weasy

    How do I get the photo’s to show ranodmly instead of in order?

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