IDE for ActionScript developers. Could it be comfortable?

IDE stands for ‘Integrated Development Environment‘.

IDE is the place where you write your code.

For most of beginning AS developers this is Flash IDE (Flash MX, Flash 8 or Flash CS3). For basic code like gotoAndStop and gotoAndPlay standard code editor is just nothing more needed.

However, when you grow up as a programmer and step deeper into ActionScript classes and language paradigms you will feel that Flash IDE is not what developers might dream about. There is a number of editors which support ActionScript language, however I would recommend the one I use myself.

Please welcome – FlashDevelop.

flashdevelop logo

That’s the best IDE I could find for AS2 and AS3 development.

The best thing it is FREE.

Here is a the info taken from the official community website:


FlashDevelop is a popular open source ActionScript 2/3 and web development environment.
FlashDevelop seemlessly integrates with Adobe Flash IDE, Adobe Flex SDK, Mtasc, Haxe and Swfmill.

Main Features

* AS3 Project management with seamless and optimized Adobe Flex SDK integration
* AS2 Project management with seamless Swfmill and Mtasc integration (using a portable standalone command line tool)
* Advanced ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 completion & code exploration with automatic classpath detection (even without project)
* Smart contextual Actionscript code generators
* SWF and SWC classes and symbols exploration
* Test movie in Adobe Flash IDE and with clickable error results (Flash CS3)
* MTASC compilation/code checking with clickable error results

I personally like the autofill feature, which is only partially implemented in standard IDE.


Useful shortcut is Ctrl+D, which duplicates the current line and doesn’t affect the clipboard.

Also, Firefox-like search panel to look for needed code is very comfortable.

There are many of other features you may discover 😉

So, give FlashDevelop a try and I’m sure you will hardly write anything longer than two lines of code in standard Flash IDE!

4 Responses to “IDE for ActionScript developers. Could it be comfortable?”

  1. 1 Harry Northover

    I use Flash Develop for my work, and it seems extremely easy to use and very powerful!

  2. 2 Charlie Root

    I am having a hard time finding an IDE for actionscript in linux. Any suggestions?

  3. 3 Paul


    I’d recommend you to take a look at, it’s written in python and must work well in linux environment.

  4. 4 MiniBuilder

    Also check Flash MiniBuilder
    It works on Linux too and it’s very lightweight. Great for quick tests and medium sized projects. Can also handle large projects.

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