free Dreamline template for dolphin 6.1

dreamline free xhtml templateNew Dolphin CMS v6.1 has been released and we’ve made new dreamline template for this version. New Dolphin has got some new features such as couples profile, new page builder and other improvements. I think that new version is a step back to dating script because by default dolphin has a “looking for” field and couple profiles also are more a feature for dating than for community. Also new dolphin and Boonex team made me upset while I was working over new template and doing tests. You may wonder why? Well, I’ll tell you.

  1. New “powered by” box has become even bigger and has own style declaration that can not be changed in template CSS or html files.
  2. Many small bugs in dolphin template realization and separation code from template.
  3. New dating features.

Ok, enough about dolphin I’d better tell you about new template.

What is so good about it? Hm!!! The best part is – While making it I’ve put a part of my soul into it and many hours of work.

It’s better to see the functioning demo than to hear 1000 times about it, so just go to Download page and use it. 🙂

Find more Dreamline templates for other Dolphin versions on our Resources page.

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  1. 1 kyle richards

    although this is a great template and i love the fact your giving it away for free. Theres an css error. The error is, there’s an overlap on the tags block.

  2. 2 WebMan

    Template is tested and it’s ok the problem is in width of the right column and too many sort of tags. I have just moved the tags block to the left column and now you can see that all is looking very good.

  3. 3 nomai

    i see the overlapping text on tags still, also on subscribe but if u renew page it fixes and the top buttons wont line up anymore if u take out some buttons in the menu.. other then that.. i love this template.. really awesome job!!

  4. 4 bebop

    there is a pb in your template for orca forum

    the text is white on a white background

    Have you released a new version without this pb ?
    where to change this easily ?

    the template is for sure excellent


  5. 5 Jack

    Love the template but I have a problem. When the menu is split across 2 rows, the 2nd row slides under the 1st making the 2nd row buttons almost disappear and unreadable. If there is a submenu for the 2nd row, then the user can click on this but if there isnt, the user is left with a fragment of an unreadable button to try and click.

    I believe this problem is caused by the menu buttons being too far down the page and too close to the submenu area. This problem doesn’t happen with the default Dolphin menu because its further up the page closer to where the site logo is. If it is possible to move the menu buttons up, then because of the left/right border, I am guessing that the top line of the menu buttons will go to the edges while the 2nd line of the menu will stay within the border.

    As more modules are added to sites and menu buttons increase to where 2 rows are more suited, others will have the same problem. Can this be fixed?

  6. 6 WebMan

    Jack please contact using the contact form and we will help you to solve the problem with 2 rows.. in general template was designed for 1 row website but anyway we can fix this for you.. feel free to contact us.

  7. 7 Adman

    How do you get rid of the powered by box?

  8. 8 CsAR

    Hey where do i replace this td images tab_left_b.jpg,tab_right_b.jpg,? i wanna replace it with a png image, but i cant find it anywhere on the css file..

  9. 9 WebMan

    >>How do you get rid of the powered by box?

    to get rid of it you should pay for the licence removal link.

    >>Hey where do i replace this td images tab_left_b.jpg,tab_right_b.jpg,? i wanna replace it with a png image, but i cant find it anywhere on the css file..

    here is the code. for top men item

    there is no option in css to do it.. to replace jpg with png you shoul edit scripts/menu class file.php and edit line for the top item

    Good luck

  10. 10 Schneider J

    how exactly do i install this template on my site…. im new to this so plz be specific

  11. 11 WebMan

    to install template you need to copy tmpl_wtt (that is in zip archive) into your templates folder*

    in admin you should enable this template to be default – admin>>advanced Settings.

    and then just enjoy new look of the website.

  12. 12 Mickey G

    Quote from bebop.

    [There is a pb in your template for orca forum, the text is white on a white background.]

    Quote Ends!

    This issue is still existing for me and I don’t know of any way to resolve it, Hence why I am asking for help!

    The orca forums text is the same colour as the background!

    Apart from that this theme is exactly what I am looking for and makes it even better knowing that you are allowing us to use it without charge!

    Looking forward to your response!


  13. 13 WebMan

    the problem of orca is that it was designed for white background and integration with dark templates make it a bit pain.. here is solution for that.. the best one would be making special template for orca but boonex change template structure to often for dolphin and orca so we decided not to make template for orca.

    but you can solve the font color problem by adding this code to

    #orca_main {

    #f_header {

    #f_desc, #f_desc_no {

    this code will solve font problems in orca

  14. 14 Mickey G

    Thanks for your reply and solution!

    Adding the above code works buts creates another problem with the text colour but this time in the post template L[Topic subject:]], [L[Sticky]] and L[Topic text:]] [L[Topic text Error]]

    I imagine i would have to edit the hex colour code as given above but which one would I change to make the Text Blue?



    Also, How do I get rid of the L[Topic subject:]], [L[Sticky]] and L[Topic text:]] [L[Topic text Error]] in Group Forum as there is no Compile button.

  15. 15 WebMan

    ok sorry..


    #orca_main {
    this will make color grey and will solve problem.

    or if you want to make color blue just replace color:#666666; with blue hex color code.

    >>Also, How do I get rid of the L[Topic subject:]], [L[Sticky]] and L[Topic text:]] [L[Topic text Error]]

    really this is an orca bug i think and you can ask on orca forum about it we have the same problem.

  16. 16 joelwyn

    Hi, i would like to ask why is my shoutbox never stop loading ? i can i fix it ? it keep loading …

  17. 17 Max

    I was using your template for Dolphin 6.0 and it is really great. Recently I upgraded to the v6.1 and installed your new version. Unfortunately, the voting function for the photos and profiles does not work any more (the star color is not changed). Is it a dolphin or the template problem? I noticed that your demo site has this problem as well.

  18. 18 Andre


    I really do enjoy your Dreamline template. I, like the other writer, also like the fact that you’ve posted it for free. My problem however is this, I have a customizing mod on the user’s profile. The problem is that the template overrides the customization part of the profile. My question is this. Is there a way to keep everything just the way it is, but allow the customizer to override the template part of the user’s profile when they want to change it.

    Thank you for your help,


  19. 19 Emily

    i installed template for dolphin then loaded my page and got warnings and fetal errors, is there some way to fix this

  20. 20 john s


  21. 21 Jim C.

    If I wanted to donate to this beauty, where would I donate to.

  22. 22 Jay

    Was wondering if this template worked with Dolphin 6.1.4 and if so how to go about installing it.


  23. 23 WebMan

    yes this templates works for 6.1.4 to install it simply upload template folder to your website/templates/* and then in admin pane enable this template.

    if you would like to donate you ca do it on the page

  24. 24 Mike

    Ok, I love your template in the fact that its editable compared to the pain in the default template…problem tho…I’m trying to get my site to look more like with white bg, and blue buttons and text…I need your help, not sure how to change the bg back to white..also if you can just lemme know the specific files and images to edit to get a site like

  25. 25 seraaj

    love the template and the idea behind it.  don’t like the color scheme.  will try playing with css files to et a lighter version of your work to share with others who also like lighter themes.  is this ok with owner?

  26. 26 matt

    how do we disable the template switch links at top?

  27. 27 WebMan

    you need to disable template switching in admin>> website options

    then this block will not be visible

  28. 28 jerald

    I tried to install this template and i uploaded the templ_wtt to the templates folder but when i go to advanced settings it still says uni, and there is no option to chose this template. Im not sure what i did wrong. Please help

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