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Flash animation in code. Tweens in ActionScript2 & ActionScript3.

Flash and animation are the two things which do not exist separately. I think Flash was created for animations.

In this article, I would like to describe some techniques which you may use to create Flash animations in code, in your AS2 or AS3 code.

What is the animation in terms of code? My definition is that animation of any object is the smooth changing of its properties, which might have effect on object’s location, shape, size, transparency and so on. The task for actionscript developer is to implement that smooth actions.

This movie requires Flash Player 8

Press the buttons to see the tweens in action in the above sample. Source .fla file is available below. Continue reading ‘Flash animation in code. Tweens in ActionScript2 & ActionScript3.’

IDE for ActionScript developers. Could it be comfortable?

IDE stands for ‘Integrated Development Environment‘.

IDE is the place where you write your code.

For most of beginning AS developers this is Flash IDE (Flash MX, Flash 8 or Flash CS3). For basic code like gotoAndStop and gotoAndPlay standard code editor is just nothing more needed.

However, when you grow up as a programmer and step deeper into ActionScript classes and language paradigms you will feel that Flash IDE is not what developers might dream about. There is a number of editors which support ActionScript language, however I would recommend the one I use myself.

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free Dreamline template for dolphin 6.1

dreamline free xhtml templateNew Dolphin CMS v6.1 has been released and we’ve made new dreamline template for this version. New Dolphin has got some new features such as couples profile, new page builder and other improvements. I think that new version is a step back to dating script because by default dolphin has a “looking for” field and couple profiles also are more a feature for dating than for community. Also new dolphin and Boonex team made me upset while I was working over new template and doing tests. You may wonder why? Well, I’ll tell you.

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