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Free web2.0 css menu builder

imeny_tab.jpgI have just visited new website this is web2.0 service that helps to make own customized css menu or choose from a big gallery of pre-made menus.

When i finished my first menu I was in love with this service. It’s so easy to make your own menu, download it and have a complete css menu with all pictures.

All you need is just to add it to your website.

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Free Flash Preloader Component – simple but featured loading activity indicator.

Update: New version of Flash preloader component was released with new features and new documentation. Please go to new Free flash preloader component page >>>

The following information is about older 1.0 version.

Free Flash Preloader component provides an easy way to add a nice visual loading indicatior when loading images or external swf files.

You may skin the preloader component and display any flash animation while loading your data.

It is extremely simple to use. Just place an instance of preloader component on the stage:

Adding preloader component

And set the parameters:

Preloader parameters

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