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ActionScript2’s DON’T!

This is just a small note for all of those who is still developing using AS2.

The complete DON’T for AS2 classes is:

Never ever do create objects of your members arrays in declaration. Create them in the constructor instead.
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ActionScript. Constructor parameters when extending MovieClip class, Flash AS2 vs. AS3

Constructor is a method which is called when an object of a class is instanced.

Like in any programming language, in actionscript constructor must have the same name the class has.

Constructor, as a function, may take any number of parameters.

Which is very handy to pass to initialize the objects.

I would recommend using constructor parameters over calling any additional initializing methods.

Here is a good example of using constructors in ActionScript:

var myPoint:Point = new Point(0,0);

And I can give you a lot of such examples.

However, this article is about a particular case, passing parameters to a constructor of your class, which is inherited from (extends) MovieClip.

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WordPress FeedBurner integration

rss icon

Suddenly I understood that most of the blog users lose their subscribers.
Most of us use FeedBurner for counting RSS- blog readers, don’t we?

The problem is that all the readers subscribe for our FeedBurner feed, a part of them subscribe for a standard URL as

Why don`t we change the situation?

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