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Tutorial, ActionScript 3, Using Shared Objects to show the time of page browsing.

Here is my first tutorial at FlashDaWeb.

I will show how SharedObject might be used.

For illustration, I came up with an idea to show users the time they spend browsing a particular page.

Here is an example.

Open this demo page and see the timer, then close it and open again anytime you want. Notice, time will not start again from 0:0, it will continue counting from the very values you previously closed it. Quite nice, isn’t it? 🙂

This movie requires Flash Player 8

In your hands.

The above functionality was implemented with Adobe Flash CS3, ActionScript 3 and SharedObject.

You may download the sources .fla and .as files

Download: tutorial sharedobject sample  tutorial sharedobject sample (11.2 KiB, 7,596 Downloads)

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Becoming a flash developer, actionscript coder, flex engeneer… What’s your way?

Just want to share and wonder to hear the way you have become a Flash Developer.

Myself, I was studding and developing system things using Visual C++ and C#. However, some day I was asked if actionscript was what I could do. I puzzled. I saw flash banners everywhere in the web, and it was quite interesting for me to enter the world of Macromedia Flash. Yeah, my first Flash experience was with Macromedia Flash MX 2004, I believe Adobe was just thinking about Macromedia acquisition then. As usual it’s really a shame for me now, when I’m looking at the code I wrote that time 🙂 That’s when I wrote Tips for beginner actionscript developer

So here is my path:

VC++ -> C# -> Flash MX and AS -> Flash 8 and AS2 Flex and AS3

What’s yours?

ActionScript 3, SharedObject crashing Flash CS IDE

Recently I met a problem when using SharedObjects caused Flash CS IDE simply to crash with an error.

I looked through the web and found not that much about the problem, however it still continued to cease working.

I my code I was creating several different SharedObjects, and connected them to different local data.

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