What address do you ping?

I just thought that this will be a very interesting statistics to know what website do you ping when check the network connection?

I personally do:

ping google.com

What do you do?

Let’s see what’s the most popular 😉 !

4 Responses to “What address do you ping?”

  1. 1 billy banks

    google.com or ping.com

  2. 2 WebMan


  3. 3 KT

    I do:

    ping or ping localhost

    I’ve never had any network problems 🙂

  4. 4 TheSewerrat

    I am just trying to use a google ping service, not sure how i should write my web addreses in it though?.

    do i put in the full address like this http://systembeaters.blogspot.com

    or do i put the address in google ping like this systembeaters.blogspot.com

    not sure?, this is a service given by google called

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