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LightLine – FREE XHTML+CSS template released

light line Free XHTML TemplateFlashDaWeb team has released new Line of templates. We named it “LightLine”. Now we are releasing a bundle of Free CSS+XHTML template for websites and LightLine template for Dolphin community script.

This template has many improvements in menu, design, and some other innovations.

As usual we’ve made a 1024×768 resolution optimized template, which makes this template to be more prepared for modern and new website design tendency. This is just a very bright and interesting template that will be a perfect solution for any websites.

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Dreamline free skin for Wimpy MP3 Player

skin.jpgWe are happy to release Dreamline free skin for Wimpy MP3 Player.

I consider the Wimpy MP3 Player to be the most featured flash player on the web. It has its own skin builder and lots of skins. Wimpy costs about 30$ but it worth much more of it. I was pleased with its functionality and performance. It’s perfect for any website and, what is more exciting, you can make it really unique with your own skin. Continue reading ‘Dreamline free skin for Wimpy MP3 Player’

Tips For Beginner Flash/Actionscript Developer

Are you leaning to ActionScript programming?

Do you need to write a bit more than just gotoAndPlay() and gotoAndStop()?
Or finally would like to try to make some animations via ActionScript and not in timeline?

Then please consider the following advices!

There are tips for ActionScript, though they should be interesting to AS2 and AS3 guys too.

1. Separate your code.

2. Order your objects in the library.

3. Have a naming standard.

4. Do reference the objects appropriately.

5. Always have the only one mainframe.

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WEB 2.0 interesting services

Today I have found a bunch of interesting WEB 2.0 services you might like.Here it is:

StripeGenerator stripegenerator2.gif – this is very cool tool to make WEB 2.0 backgrounds with stripes. Community help to find something very cool and you can be a part of the stripes movement.. very very cool stripegenerator.

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What address do you ping?

I just thought that this will be a very interesting statistics to know what website do you ping when check the network connection?

I personally do:


What do you do?

Let’s see what’s the most popular 😉 !