Flash da Web and Dolphin community script

Finally, we have installed Dolphin 6.0 Demo and uploaded our templates. We take a great interest in WEB, Flash and any sort of creative work and we have made two templates for Dolphin Community Builder. By the way, we believe that these templates are the best available now for Dolphin v6.0. There are several reasons:

  • first of all these are wide templates optimized for 1024×768,
  • professionally made CSS and xhtml are loaded faster,
  • the templates support Dolphin’s “Index builder”, “Menu Builder”, “Profile builder”, etc,
  • template switching panel included (which is not implemented in default templates),
  • the templates have modern design,
  • lots of other merits…

You can test these templates on our demo.

These 2 templates are not yet completed and therefore are not yet available for downloading. We plan to finish them and put to downloads as soon as Dolphin 6.0.3 is released and the templates are modified to fit all 6.0.x versions… Now the templates work great with .0002 and .0001 but we want to make even more flexible templates.

So, current set of templates contains:

“Dreamline” – based on free dreamline template

“Twilight” – based on http://alt.com

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