AJAX loading GIFs or Activity Indicators

ajax loading indicatorAJAX loading GIFs or Activity Indicators ajax loading indicator 2

There are tons of websites that use AJAX on their pages. To make AJAX loading process visually attractive and interesting websites use AJAX loading GIF image or we can call them AJAX activity indicators. This activity indicators shows that something is happening on the website – loading, sending, uploading, etc.

There are many websites on the Internet which give this AJAX activity indicators for free.

Here is the list of them:

1- The most interesting and featured is AJAX loading Gif generator that lets you create a variety of animated GIFs for indicating AJAX activity. What makes this tool unique is that you can specify your own background and foreground colors for the activity indicator and make it fit your website design. Also as an option you can make transparent background for your indicators.

2- Loader Generator – is an another generator that lets you to customize indicators foreground, background, transparency and size ().

3- Another Loading GIF generator – interesting website that has some other interesting options like Favicon Generator. the unique option is Speed for activity indicator.

4- AJAX activity indicators – just a collection of animated GIFs.

Use Ajax activity indicators on your websites to make them interesting.

AJAX loading GIFs or Activity Indicators

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  1. 1 AJAX Activity Indicators

    how can i put it in my site?

  2. 2 fgpkos

    Same question as above ^^^

  3. 3 WebMan

    you generate the .gif file after that you have an indicator to show while your AJAX is working. To add this indicator you need modify your AJAX to show this .gif while working.

  4. 4 Pratamishus

    There is one missing. The one that should be above all those: http://preloaders.net. This is the one which provides a much higher functionality for loading.

  5. 5 Chaser

    Does anyone know where I can get bigger loaders?

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