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Upcoming Flash Components Line – FancyShapes Idea Is On The Way

I’m really glad to announce the upcoming Flash Components from FlashDaWeb!

The idea is to create a bunch of free Flash Components implementing the different fancy geometric shapes.

The name for this components family will be FancyShapes.

They are planned to be deployed as ActionScript 3.0, Flash CS 3 components. Probably later we’ll add AS2 version too, but yet plan only AS3 versions to be here.

Here is the list of shapes we plan to implement:

  • Fancy Star Flash Component
  • Fancy Spirograph Flash Component
  • Fancy Spiral Flash Component

Hope much more will be added later, but now look forward to have those controls ready to be published.

Let us know if you have any other ideas of fancy geometric shapes, which will be interesting to have as a separate flash component.

Also, what component would you like to appear first? AS3 or AS2? It’s really interesting to know what is currently demanded more. Flash CS3 or Flash 8?



AJAX loading GIFs or Activity Indicators

ajax loading indicatorAJAX loading GIFs or Activity Indicators ajax loading indicator 2

There are tons of websites that use AJAX on their pages. To make AJAX loading process visually attractive and interesting websites use AJAX loading GIF image or we can call them AJAX activity indicators. This activity indicators shows that something is happening on the website – loading, sending, uploading, etc.

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Dreamline free Dolphin v6 template

Today we and many other people who use Dolphin community script have a red-letter day. We release the first Dolphin v6 template which has an attractive design, modern width, and, above all, it’s free! The template is based on Dreamline Free xhtml template.

That means that you are free to download and use it the way you want (including modifying and amending it).
All I ask you is to leave the ‘design by flashdaweb’ link. You also can order a link removal (USD20$) that will also support our job and enable us to make more templates in the feature. Continue reading ‘Dreamline free Dolphin v6 template’

Community scripts overview

Nowadays different kind of Community websites like “Myspace”, “FaceBook”, “Hi5” and so forth are very popular. These websites do millions of $ every months and almost everyone want to be a part of this movement and take own piece of pie. Tons of people create own websites every day, make social or dating websites in hope to earn BIG money… Some of them hire freelancers to make those websites and some just download Community Scripts and use them on their servers!

I decided to make small overview of present most popular community scripts to tell about their good and bad parts.

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Some interesting Flash Da Web statistics.

Some statistics.

It was really interesting to me, what are the top searchable terms on Google and Yahoo concerned with our FlashDaWeb site.

Well, here are the results. I did all searches by words: Flash, Da, Web

Google Trends surprised me:

Flash” is most needed in India, then France, and Australia gets the third place.

Da” – Brasil goes first, Portugal takes second place and Italy completes the group of winning three.

Web“, is searched at the most in Peru, a bit less by Spain and Chile.

Then I went to Yahoo’s OvertureKeyword Selector Tool – and got the following top results:

(numbers are the quantity of searches for the term standing next to it)


  • 122092 flash game
  • 117742 flash
  • 100620 flash player


  • 77484 leonardo da vinci
  • 70901 da vinci code
  • 61186 da


  • 952660 web hosting
  • 849275 web md
  • 453239 web site

Flash web

  • 9446 flash web design
  • 4433 flash web site
  • 3079 flash web site template

Later on I tried Google Adsense Keyword Tool to see what key words will it find for our website and they were the following:

  • css template
  • flash template
  • web template
  • design template
  • template
  • website template
  • css
  • web page templates


Yet, we are of Google PageRank 0, which is not really good, but is not that bad since we’re young and growing.

Keywords are almost the ones we are targeting for. However, web and da seem to be more of Spanish background, which I found to be very nice 😉

I hope you too will find this info interesting or probably you’ll find the above tools to be useful 🙂

Let me hear your questions if any.

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