Charles Phillips Oracle – A Man of Action

Charles Phillips Oracle – A Man of Action

Charles Phillips Oracle

Great leaders through the course of History come and go. From Alexander the Great, to Gandhi, to Abraham Lincoln… the list goes on. In this modern age, the trend doesn’t stop. There are people who are simply born to lead; Charles Phillips is one of them.

Charles Phillips Oracle is famous for being a man of action. He has accomplished so much throughout his career. Charles Phillips is well-known as the President of Oracle Corp. He helped build what Oracle is today. Charles was able to bring Oracle to greater heights. His accomplishments though, were not really surprising; especially to those who know him very well. Charles Phillips is a competitor; he doesn’t settle for mediocrity. His strong competitive personality is what helped catapult Oracle Corporation into prominence.

Oracle is one of the leading multi-national computer technology corporations in the industry. With Charles Phillips acting as President of their company, Oracle was able to create an identity that made them known, trusted, and most importantly, respected in the industry. Unfortunately, Charles Phillips resigned from Oracle Corp. to join Infor.

Infor is also a software company that specializes in financial systems and resource planning. Infor is very fortunate to acquire an immense talent such as Charles Phillips. He viewed Infor as a new challenge which he just couldn’t refuse. For a long period of time, Mr. Phillips was able to contribute tremendously to the success of Oracle. He is looking to do the same with Infor. With Charles Phillips on board, the future of Infor is very bright.

When Phillips made the jump to Infor, a lot of experts were surprised. They simply couldn’t imagine Phillips working for a different company. His name became synonymous to Oracle. But again, not everything in life is permanent. Charles Phillips made a business move; a career move that he made because of reasons he alone knows. Aside from the fact that joining Infor poses a brand new challenge for him to face, there is not much information on Phillips’ reason to leave Oracle.

Charles Phillips is without question a proven leader. He has done a lot of great things for Oracle, and will continue to showcase his talents with Infor. The great thing about him is that not only does he have the natural talent when it comes to business and technology; he is also very active in charity. He is the founder of PCO (Phillips Charitable Organization), which is a non-profit foundation that aims to help various people from all walks of life.

Leadership can’t be taught; you are either born with it or you simply don’t have it. Charles Phillips has proven that he is born to be a leader. Infor acquired a guy that will do nothing but great things for their company. Oracle on the other hand, suffered a huge loss with Phillips’ resignation. But to their credit, Oracle is a top-class company and they will surely be able to adjust and bounce back.

At the end of the day, Charles Phillips took his talents to New York to serve Infor. This great leader will continue on and make an impact in the field of business and technology. Whatever company he works for, there is no question that Charles Phillips is a proven leader and is absolutely good at what he does.