Hi there follow business owner, do you have the goods to sell and plan to launch your website to sell them online?
If so, then you might be not really sure and even concerned about online payments processing and a whole online business model.

How to accept payments online? What to do to protect yourself from frauds? What methods of payments to offer to your visitors? Those are the questions everyone should ask when considering to work in e-commerce business direction.

E-Commerce stands for “electronic commerce” and implies the techniques and methods to sell your products through online shop.

There are few ways you can choose to get you online store running:

  1. Hire a webmaster and pay him for building e-commerce website for you
  2. Buy ready-to-use shop and become a part of such networks like Amazon or Ebay
  3. Purchase a professional service from e-commerce service providers
  4. Build the website yourself

If you are not that much into web design and web development I wouldn’t recommend going by 4 😉 You will just waste your time and money trying to get your “home made” creation to make you revenue – since it’s by far not enough to just create a webpage which will list all your products and wait for the sales to come. Today, e-commerce is a highly competitive field and to grasp your customers you definitely need professionally looking website. Nowadays, customers are very picky!

Hiring a webmaster can be tricky – I would only agree going this way if I have a trusted web-master, who has already proved or has quite an evidence of proficiency in the field of building e-commerce selling web sites. Be careful, since not every web developer is aware of how to handle all the money processing mechanisms and what is more important, can guarantee that money from your sales are not lost and go directly into your bank account.

The giants of selling industries like Amazon or Ebay are more than welcome to offer a ready to use web store, which integrates into their system, and where they handle all the problems which might arise when you build your own solution. This is one of the best options I can recommend – however this way not really support your product branding ability  – you still will be a ebay or amazon shop, not your own the-best-goods-and-service.com . However this option is also good since you will be instantly introduced to the giants’ user base – who are targeted customers – but the competition there is very high!

The last option I saved for the end is to use a professional service of e-commerce solution providers. These companies are in online business for many years, they already faced and implemented most of the business owner’s requests – therefore they can guarantee that the online store they build for you is functioning properly and you always have their support department if anything is unclear or doesn’t work they way you want it. Usually they take care of all website related issues like web hosting, domains, search engine optimizations and more – which you are to handle on your own if decide to build the online store from scratch yourself. Another really nice thing is that ecommerce service providers usually give a month of free trial – which means you can evaluate the quality of their service, in fact sell your goods online during this month, without even paying a dime.

Don’t waste your time. Go and get your online store up today. Online store can drastically boom your revenue – just don’t be afraid to try and I am pretty sure you will like it.