website monetization strategies

I would like to offer my list of 5 top beneficial monetization strategies for websites, which we are successfully using here on flashdaweb.

Website monetization strategy #1. Sell links on your website.

That might sound not very serious to someone who is just launching their own website or blog, but for me it turns out to be most profitable scenario of getting money from your website. As you may know, gained Google Page Rank 6 almost a year ago, and that allowed us to sell links on our homepage for quite a good price. For some reason, the websites, who were interested in buying the permanent links at our PR6 homepage are casino websites.
Page Rank 6 allowed us to offer a well-priced service of hosting a single link on our home page at $600/year terms. And it pretty well covered hosting cost as well as other website related maintenance expenses leaving a good margin of income 😉
Btw, a bit of self-advertising here, if you are interested in buying links at our home page, I will be glad to offer 50% discount on any extra link you could wish to have. Remember, having your best selling keyword linking to your website from PR6 domain has a great value on Google search results, don’t lose a chance – let us know if you want it, and I’ll get your link up the same day.

#2 of Monetization strategies . Google Adsense

google adsenseThat’s true, Google Adsense is still the most paying context advertisement program. However, do not try to trick google, by giving out adsence ads as your links, you will be banned very soon – place your ads honestly, by naming them as advertisement blocks and you will be rewarded. Not to overwhelm our readers a lot with annoying ads we are having only one google adsence block, which you can see on your right. You may believe or not, but this block is working and earning us a bit of income every day.

Monetization strategy #3. Sell your goods and services

It might sound trivia, but many websites owners do not realize that ANY web resource can be used to sell any kind of products or services. We’ve started with a small attempts to sell flash loading animations and Dolphin templates as well offering our flash and web design services and during the time each of them paid out. Preloader animations packs accompanied with free preloader component are sold quite often, as well as our premium templates for dolphin cms. Also we’ve got a number of clients through the website. Conclusion, don’t be afraid to sell your goods or services online, it doesn’t matter what you can offer, there is always a chance that your client is out there looking for this exactly thing, which YOU are very good at. So, don’t wait any longer and offer your visitors to buy your stuff, and I’m pretty sure your first sale will happen quite soon.

Monetization technique#4. Become referrals for good services

All of you should be familiar with referral programs offered by almost every internet store or service provider. If you are able to convince your visitors to buy from specific resource, that resource will be glad to share the profit with you. For example, our hosting company – HostForWeb – is offering 50$ for each new client we refer, we are using their hosting for more than 2 years already and are very happy with them, and you know what? We almost don’t pay for hosting, since it’s paid off our affiliates balance. It’s always simple to write good reviews on good products and recommend those to your visitors, it may definitely increase your website’s revenue!

Strategy to Monetize #5. Pay Per Click, Pay Per View, Pay Per Install programs

Last but not least, PPC, PPV and PPI programs. There are a lot of advertising affiliate networks which are constantly looking for new publishers, just like you and your website to host and display different types of paid content and ads. Each of them might be well converting or non-converting at all for your specific website, and it’s up to you to decide which way to go, but they are definitely worth considering and at least trying on your website. You lose nothing but the opportunity to earn is always there. More popular your website is – more money you earn. So, go on and develop your website’s traffic.

All the best to you guys in making money with your website!

I will be glad to hear about other techniques you use to get some dollars from your dot com 🙂