Earn money with coreg pathIn this article I will tell about another interesting way to earn money on your website – coreg path. This name stands for co-registration path and represents the chain (path) of per-per-lead offers, which your user is asked to fill and submit.

The path of offers?! – you would think 🙂 Yes, indeed, the path made out of advertisers offers it is. This path is usually shown after your own registration form, that is why it has a name of ‘co-registration‘. This is pretty much new monetization strategy.

How does coreg path work?

Everything is simple. When user press on submit button in your registration form he gets registered (for example the confirmation email might be sent to him at this moment) but also, instead of showing him congratulation page or page saying “you need to activate your account” he is being redirected to coreg path.

You may modify your registration script to redirect him or simply pop up the coreg path in a new window – the choice is always yours. And I believe having done few tests you will find the method which converts better for your specific type of users.

Why would my used want to fill any CPA offer? – you would think again – That’s a fair question, but here are few tricks:

  1. The coreg path starts with the form, saying that “you are almost done, and fill the following fields to complete the registration…” – which will look like the continuing of your original registration
  2. Most of the fields in co-registration path can be populated with the values user entered in your original reg form, you simply need to pass them as parameters in query string. This makes user think that this form is related to your original website even more. Imagine, you filled registration form with your name, country and email -> you click “register” button -> and you are redirected to the new page with the form which already has your name, country and email address in it asking you to continue the registration – chances are you will try to complete it 🙂
  3. More over, along with name, address and other registration information most of coreg paths support your header/logo – url to which can be as well passed as a parameter – this completely makes the coreg path look like a part of the original website.

What will my user be offered and what do I get paid for? – another good question follows – how does it monetize?

Every form in coreg path is optional, there is always a skip button, skip link or any other option not to participate in the offered survey, mobile program signup or other advertised promotion. When skip button is pressed another offer is shown (where all the fields are populated according to the previously captured values). Usually there can be from 5 to 12 offers in a coreg path. When any offer in the path is filled you get paid for the lead and user is redirected to the destination URL, which is also passed as a parameter. So that after signing up for a mobile offer user might be redirected to your website, original congratulation page or any other place.

Hint! To make more money and for better conversions you may use GEOIP databases and pre-populate user’s country/state/city depending on users’ IP.

How you can use the coreg path?

You have a website where you give something away for free? Make it available to registered users only – many users will be happy to register to get something free of charge and especially if this is something they need or are interested in.

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