duplicate content

Most of website in the internet has problems with the Duplicate content issue. This websites are built by CMS or a webmasters that create a Duplicate content and do not know what is that.

Duplicate content – when content of a page are more then on 1 website or on many pages of a website. It’s better to explain using example.
Let’s take Boonex Dolphin CMS and its real demo website boonex.us. I’ll show you all about Double content using this demo website.

1 – The same Content on many websites.
let’s take boonex CMS standard page http://www.boonex.us/terms_of_use.php then take a line of a text and do search in google service that allows members to create unique personal

You will see that there are about 810 websites with the same text. That means that google has over 800 same page in the index and if you have the same page it could be taken as a Search engine Spam or plagiarism. When Google give you PR he takes into consideration many parameters and Duplicate content is an important one.

You need to change all standard text ( if you are using any CMS ) on your website to a unique one to avoid Duplicate content on your website. Try to fill your website with unique content and you will soon get your search engine traffic.

2- The same content on a website.

This is more important then the first part as Google and others can think that you made many web pages to do SEO spamming and give you penalties for PR.

Now what can create duplicate content:

  • canonical issues (www and non-www version);  http://www.flashdaweb.com and  http://flashdaweb.com
  • pagination when different pages have identical titles and meta description; – this is when you set the same Meta and Title tags for many website pages.
  • various versions of the home page (e.g. www.site.com and www.site.com/index.php or www.site.com/index.php?mode=top_art ); good example is http://www.boonex.us http://www.boonex.us/index.php?ppoll_mode=top
  • incorrect internal navigation creating several URLs to one and the same page (e.g. www.site.com/page.php?id=567 and www.site/category/page.php?id=567); etc

Why is it important to get rid of duplicate content issues?

Google has mostly figured how to sort this out. It will drop one version and index and rank another one. But still internal content duplication may result in a few issues:

  • decreased crawl rate as Googlebot is kept busy crawling unnecessary identical pages;
  • a wrong version of the page ranked which results in bad user experience (e.g page 2 is ranked instead of page 1);
  • delayed ranking of newly launched sites.

Tools that may help you to find problems on website

1. Duplicate content tool estimates the following:

  • www and non-www header response;
  • Google cache check;
  • Similarity check;
  • Default page check;
  • 404 header response;
  • PageRank dispersion check (i.e. if www and non-www versions have different PR).

2- Google Webmaster Tools – finds problems and tell you about it. Reporting your site duplicate titles and meta descriptions.  Our team uses this tool for a long time and it’s very helpful.

You can find some more info about this sort of problems in the Intenet.

now just few examples for the Boonex.us and solutions.

Index page for Boonex.us has Duplicate content and following  URLs  – you can solve that using Robot.txt file or order our ALL SEO Plugin for Dolphin.

All this urls are for index page moreover it has the same title and metatags and content so i think now you know why it’s so bad here is the list of the index page for Dolphin base websites


There are more then 40 urls for index page but we do not want to post it all in here.

You can check yourself all those pages are in google index.